Digital Game Sales to Surpass Console as Total U.S. Industry Spend in 2011 Hits $21.6 Billion

Gamers in the U.S. will spend $21.6 billion during 2011, according to the latest estimates from research firm Newzoo. This is actually slightly lower than 2010's total, but it also reflects an interesting trend as more and more players migrate to digital forms of entertainment. The massive infograph from Newzoo below details the breakdown between sectors; when combining mobile, online and download games, these areas surpass traditional console games for the first time in 2011.

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Sinner101GR3442d ago

everything is going digital, but I think physical is going to be tough to kill off.

led10903442d ago

The funny thing is if you see the graphs, the total for pc/max downloads + boxed is 4.3 billion, whereas the total for all the consoles combined is 8 billion. As a single platform which is supposed to be dying, the computer is doing good for itself i have to say. And this does not include sales from MMO subscriptions and casual games, which have a different section dedicated for them.