The Zelda HD Wii U Tech Demo Wouldn’t Be Possible On Other Consoles Says Nintendo President

Q&A from Nintendo's Investor Meeting.

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theonlylolking3445d ago (Edited 3445d ago )

Tell that to naughty dog. If they only had to render that room with those graphics then it would be easy for them. Naughty Dog did UC2 graphics on a mobing train with a lot of physics running.

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CarlosX3603445d ago (Edited 3445d ago )

To accomplish the graphical feat of that trailer? PS3's God of War 3 says "Hi."

Infernostew3445d ago

Killzone 2 surpassed it's trailer too.

afterMoth3445d ago

No, KZ2 didn't pass its trailer. KZ2 still looks better than any other FPS on any other console but it did not pass its trailer.

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Ratchet_Co3445d ago

I believe if they want to call Wii U a proper next generation system, it should be able to do stuff current generation systems are incapable of doing. So if the Zelda HD demo can't run on current systems, that's understandable because it shouldn't.

CynicalVision3445d ago

Why are people complaining when Uncharted is brought up? There are plenty of other titles out there that showcase the PS3s power, the reason why Uncharted is always brought up is because it's the widely accepted to be the console king of graphics.

What 'theonlylolking' said doesn't make him a fanboy, calling someone a fanboy for silly reasons just makes yourself look like one.

fr0sty3445d ago (Edited 3445d ago )

This demo was running at 720p with no anti aliasing at all. When they run it at 1080p in 3D, I'll buy that statement.

"We didn't get much of a taste of the console's visual capabilities either. In the initial introductory video, the only real semblance of an HD video game was a concept demo for the Legend of Zelda. In his excellent Wii U preview, Oli Welsh says it like it is:

"It's undeniably beautiful, although you can attribute this in part to Nintendo's exquisitely hand-crafted art assets," Welsh observes.

"The lighting is excellent, with many changing sources and a few particle effects in evidence - but my untrained eyes saw nothing here that an Xbox 360 or PS3 couldn't do. Perhaps Digital Foundry will say different."

Or perhaps not. The Zelda demo, or "HD Experience" as Nintendo calls it, is almost certainly running at a native resolution of 720p, with no anti-aliasing and seems to be locked at 30 frames per second with v-sync engaged (subsequently verified with a good look at a 60Hz feed taken from G4's broadcast coverage of the event)."

-Superman-3445d ago (Edited 3445d ago )

Wii U grahpic =

PS3 grahpic =

Hmmm.. For now Uncharted 2 wins, wait for Uncharted 3

Achtung3445d ago

To be honest those uncharted 2 pics look bad...

n4f3444d ago

are you really comparing a unfinish tech-demo/not-even-a-game vs a-finish-game in production for more than a year or 2?

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rexbolt3444d ago

this looks 7000000 times better then uncharted dude? are u blind? i seen my bro play the demo todaty and even if it is a demo this looks far better then uncharted

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fluffydelusions3445d ago

Well of course because no other console has the controller

Brasi823445d ago

You forgot to add in because its a Zelda game too. =D

ksense3445d ago

by the time the game is actually made and released this statement would be false.

Samus HD3445d ago

he meant that the other consoles can't handle those graphics

jacksheen00003445d ago

Nintendo developers are right Zelda HD Wouldn’t Be Possible On Other Consoles simply because of the amount of lighting effects, reflection, refractions, and transparencies. This of course require more than 512 of ram(PS3/XBOX360)to achieve this level of graphics. The Xbox360/PS3 on the other hand use a lot of graphical tricks to get the same effect which doesn't look as good as the real thing. For example:Take a look at Gears of war 1 or 2 and you will see barely no real time lighting simply because Microsoft wanting to save their processing power and memory for more detailed graphic which looks cool but not as cool as the Zelda demo. Most development use these graphical cheating program method(Z buffering,etc.) to try to get the same effects.They use rotational textures on the skin of the environment or charter model to fool the eye in to thinking it real lighting.the Zelda demo did not use lighting texture mapping trick at all which I find to be a amazing.

Biggest3445d ago

The Nintendo president is right. You are wrong. It was a tech demo, not a game. The Zelda HD Wii U tech demo is not possible on other consoles because it is Zelda. That's it.

iforgotmylogin3445d ago

totally agree, devs have been tricking the unsuspecting for years, thats why some are deluded thinking their ps3/360 graphics > that of a high end pc.

its all just tricks until you have the hardware that can handle it and you finally see the real thing.

the next gen graphics jump will see no major difference, it will all be in the lighting, physics, tessellation and high res textures etc.

n4f3444d ago

graphx wall will be hit

Theyellowflash303444d ago

Not to mention Uncharted 2 and 3, Killzone and a lot of the other graphics games on PS3 run in 30 FPS not 60. This early Zelda tech demo looks just about as good as Uncharted 3 if not better and I bet it runs at 60FPS when it is released on the Wii U

gdguide3445d ago

There are some things that the PS3 and 360 that IMO are doing better, but some things that the WiiU apparently is doing that I haven't seen as much with the PS3 and 360. The geometry and textures could be done easily. But the reflections and transparencies are something the PS3 and 360 might not be able to handle. GT5 though and Forza 3 have some good reflections happening. I'm sure there will be advantages to this hardware just based on the specs alone.

Godmars2903445d ago

Especially because Zelda is an exclusive license...

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