Tribes: Ascend Preview | TPV

TPV Writer Jonesy Says: "Tribes: Ascend should bring us some more jet-packs and teamwork pvp matches that it delivered in the past. This as the press release seems to state is that this game is purely to test some of the elements they’re implementing into Tribes: Universe. Even if Tribes: Ascend is just a test for their main goal it’ll bring some fun multiplayer experiences for all when it’s released later this year. It’s going to be available to download on PC and XBL, Hi-Rez Studios have stated their looking at bringing it to other platforms. Hopefully this wont be doing a Section 8 and disappear within a week of release."

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BeastlyRig3442d ago

pc version for me! Before Halo there was Tribes!

Hufandpuf3442d ago

I was hoping for a full $60 release of Tribes. not a downloadable title, this is kind of dissapointing since Section 8 has already taken over Tribes, though I'm not saying S8 is better than Tribes. I just hoped they would be making a full game.

Jonmau53442d ago

I agree I hoped it would be coming as a full release too but the MMO is coming so this is a nice short and sweet stop gap I guess...

ikkokucrisis3442d ago

Omg I loved me some tribes!
Hope they release the full game soon!