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velocitygamer3446d ago

I just love the art style of this game.

Stuart57563446d ago

This style has ran since announcement! Glad they've used it on the box cover.

OhMyGandhi3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

I also like the art style of the game. but this box art rather annoys me.

I don't like the logo bumping into batman, with the drop shadow effect that overpowers all other text (in my opinion)

I personally would of liked to see a cover where he's farther in the background. actually IN the city, rather that using it as a backdrop.

Great looking game, obviously, and my issues with the box art are minor, but I feel like BECAUSE they have a really unique vision of the game, shown through the wallpapers, and concept art and such online, that they could of used a more intricate piece to better describe the experience.

just my opinion.

celtics3453446d ago

Couldn't agree more. I noticed that it lapped over Batman's arm and am confused as to why they did that. They could have moved it over a tiny amount. Either way, still an amazing box art for a (probably) amazing game.

Quagmire3446d ago

I dont particularly like it. I preferred the comic-book-cover style of Arkham Asylum.

I like the black and white artstyle, but it just isnt as artistic as the first.