Star Wars: The Old Republic not before 2012 -- UK retailer

TVGB: "BioWare's Star Wars: The Old Republic will not be out for another 9 months according to UK retailer HMV. The store's website has the MMO down with an April 1st 2012 date, which is a Sunday, so it's certainly not an exact date. But it could be an indication that the game has been pushed to the January quarter, which has been deemed a possibility by publisher EA."

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Jocosta3444d ago

These dev cycles are getting excruciating.

Spinal3444d ago

HMV? lool guys seriously im from the UK none of us take HMV as a source of game release information.

Only trusted sites are and

Perjoss3444d ago

HMV are not bad, I've always found the 'coming soon' stickers on the empty boxes to be quite accurate.