Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3 Review (

For long-term fans or those who enjoy deep, tactile fighters, there is much to enjoy in this brave and brilliant game.

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Hufandpuf3440d ago

if anybody plays DW, i would like to know why? What draws you to play these rehashed games over and over. I'm not trolling I just want an honest answer.

radphil3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

The same reason people play CoD rehashed over and over. People like them.

The issue i get with people is that they are hypocritical when they criticize DW games, and then go onto to praise Madden, CoD, etc.

Thing is they have differences. People just need to sit down and actually look and play them without throwing down at them first.

(This whole thing isn't geared to you Hufandpuf)

jerethdagryphon3440d ago

its kind of relaxing in a zen way yes its repetitive and mind numbing but sometimes thats waht you want

it is a marmite game

parasit33440d ago

i miss Gundam Wing! Gundam was one of the pioneers of anime. and perhaps why i watch anime in the first place. Hiro is THE protagonist and Gundam Wing Zero is THE Mobile Suit. However, Deathscythe is still my favorite Gundam. dAMN these were some good times watching back in the day...

Tuxedo_Mask3440d ago

Gundam 00 was good too, the second season especially. I watched Gundam Wing as a kid too and bought DWG2 on a whim, but it brought me back in and I watched Gundam 00 on SyFy. You should check it out if you get the chance, a lot of anime is not as good as the old days, but Gundam is still going strong and the main character of 00, Setsuna Seiei, is in DWG3.