Uncharted 3 beta PS3 crashes continue despite Patch 1.01

Sadly, it looks like Patch 1.01 hasn’t fixed the crashing and freezing issues players are suffering from in the Uncharted 3 beta, with a worrying number of participants reporting that their PS3 is locking up completely and requiring a hard reboot.


Post has been updated with news of an incoming fix from Christophe Balestra of Naughty Dog.

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Emilio_Estevez3442d ago

Mine froze every time I played last night. Like 8 times, no joking. It played fine earlier in the day though, so I don't get it. Every time it froze I was doing something different also.

zootang3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

It is a beta. What do you expect?

BreakNeckSpeed3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

Well the purpose of a beta is to test the game. You can't test a game if it freezes all the damn time. It sounds like a problem with the game engine more so than a server side issue. Hard locks aren't normal.

Ah well.. ND have until October to get their shit together, hopefully by then the MP isn't as broken as it is now.

I've been on the connecting screen for the past hour. SMH!

kza3442d ago

to actually be able to TEST it!!

koehler833442d ago


If you're having issues, don't waste your energy telling the readers of N4G. Go tell Naughty Dog.
That's the point.

"My system is freezing" is a useless and unhelpful statement. What version of hardware do you have? What kind of internet connection? What kind of display/audio equipment? HDMI? Component? Composite? Where are you freezing? Are you playing in 2D or 3D? Single player or Splitscreen?

Answer all those questions and post it to the ND forums. Try helping rather than complaining about your lack of entitled gameplay.

BeaArthur3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

Honestly I'm sick of this "it's a beta" excuse. The point of a beta is to test the gameplay in order to find glitches and balance issues. This doesn't function, making actual beta testing nearly impossible. So enough with excusing the poor net coding by saying "it's a beta".

Emilio_Estevez3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

Thanks bro, I had no idea! /s

I am aware of Beta's as I have particpated in many. Can't exactly test a game if I can't even play through a single match without it freezing.

I do have confidence in ND though, I'm sure they will fix these issues, just wonder how long it will take.

6wl3442d ago

Tbh, reporting system information is probs less useful on a console than say a PC. Its unlikely that specific hardware is directly causing the issue.

As for a crashing game, any number of things could cause it. Net code, a single QNAN somewhere, renderer draw limits, a line of code thats not thread safe.

Worse, there could be several crashes in there, so narrowing it down might be tricky. Hopefully ND have got some good logging going on server side, without a good stacktrace / callstack it might be tricky.

Best advice, just try and give as much info as to what was happening in game at the time. Had a certain animation just finished, a certain weapon or explosion triggered, sound effect - basically, anything that could be considered a pattern or cause.

SupeerSteebbi3442d ago

I expected a playable beta.

joab7773442d ago

It is a betabut there's one thing I haven't reallyseen talked about. When the psn came back online, they gave everyone a months free subscription to psn +. About a quarterof my friends paid for psn + but they all have it nowand most of them downloaded this beta. So, the initial numbers they were expecting probably tripled. Couple that w the fact that its summer and many of us have played through our AAA titles and r looking for something to do, and naughty dog most likely wasn't ready for the numbers. Also, U3 is a much more anticipated game than U2, & its been boasting about its multi,so...its reasonable to expect issues. Crysis 2 had none of theseissues and put out a demo that was unplayable. Maybe it shoulda been limited to infamous 2 pre orders, cuz now i have a worthless cose

socomnick3442d ago Show
MaxXAttaxX3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

NOT a multiplayer demo labeled as "Beta" as other games.

Are you serious? Naughty Dog may have been new to MP back in UC2 BUT they actually got it right and gameplay is better than many other games out there!
So GTFO here with that bs.

Bereaver3442d ago

Weither zootang is a 1 bubble troll or not. He speaks the truth. A beta is a beta. Failure is a part of testing.

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rajman3442d ago

Its all the traffic from everyone trying to connect causing all of this, because y'day (before the beta hit EU & US) I downloaded it off the HK store and played it for about 4 hours and not once did I get a disconnect or any kind of bad lag/ was near flawless. But as soon as the beta kicked off in the EU & US thats when I started to get connection problems and massive amounts of lag and freezing.

Crazyglues3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

Yeah this is sad, the beta was totally unstable for me too, which just seem strange because even though it's a beta, I wasn't expecting this..

I expected it to be much more stable.. Let's just hope they can fix whatever is happening here and get us back to testing..

Customization seems really nice.. shoot not yet right needs some serious work to make it fun again..

-But Naughty dog is a top developer so I'm sure they are looking at everything and tweaking away..


DarkTower8053442d ago

A beta isn't only designed to find glitches and bugs in gameplay, it's also to test server loads and stability. Even when your ps3 freezes during gameplay, you are helping out IF you post your issues in a ND or playstation board. Again, the whole purpose is to iron out these issues before the demo and retail release.

dc13442d ago

You get the prize DarkTower805!

You are spot on!

evrfighter3442d ago

Your talking about actual betas and not marketing betas.

Uncharted 3 unfortunately for you guys is a marketing beta.

StanSmith3442d ago

I've not had a single issue in game etc. until it was opened up to EU & US account holders. The only thing that was an issue for me was it would reset my console when i tried to quit & go back to the xmb.

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TrevorPhillips3442d ago

Everytime I press start it says “Error initializing session manager” :(

C'mon ND, I want to get back into the beta!

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koehler833442d ago

It's a beta people. We don't need to hear about the problems with a damn beta. It's NOT NEWS!

DarkTower8053442d ago

People do need to hear about the problems, specifically ND. How else would these issues get addressed?

Some people do need to drop the self entitlement attitude though and learn why a beta is called a beta.

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