Limbo rated for PS3 by Korean rating board

Gema: "Limbo, the Xbox LIVE Arcade puzzle-platformer released last summer, looks set to arrive on PlayStation Network. A new rating from the Korean Game Rating Board, filed on June 29, has given Limbo a 15-year+ rating. Its publisher is listed as Sony Computer Entertainment Korea."

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Vegivo4231d ago

OH SNAP!! Xbox exclusive MY ASS! :P

StanLee4231d ago (Edited 4231d ago )

Well Braid and Castle Crashers eventually came to the PS3 so why is it surprising? It's surprising to me that people still make a huge issue when something like this happens.

AntoineDcoolette4231d ago

Oh holy shit first Castle Crasher and now Limbo!? Heeellllllllllll yeah!

bviperz4230d ago (Edited 4230d ago )

^Holy crap LBP is awesome^

Active Reload4230d ago

It's funny, I never hear anyone wanting any of the Sony exclusives to be on the 360, hmmmm....

XabiDaChosenOne4230d ago

@active reload So I guess you were not there for the MGS and Zone of the Enders celebration?

Active Reload4230d ago

I stand corrected...somewhat. Because now I remember people asking for MGS4 all those years ago, but that's it.

Bonobo123454230d ago

@Active reload

Your Right, Xbox doesn't need any more great games, It has plenty.


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BreakNeckSpeed4231d ago


It's people like you who give N4G a bad name.

"OH SNAP!! MGS Series.. PS Exclusive MY ASS!"


Infernostew4231d ago

MGS series was never exclusive to begin with. MGS 1 was also on PC and remade on GC, MGS 2 was also on xbox, and MGS 3 is coming to 3DS. The only one still exclusive is MGS 4. Damage control much?

pneboy4231d ago Show
Just_The_Truth4231d ago

lol they've already said it but that was such an ignorant example i just....... wow i can't think of one ps3 exclusive that's gone multiplatform unlike bioshock & ME2. I hope we get limbo too.

4231d ago
Pro_TactX4231d ago (Edited 4231d ago )

The Metal Gear Solid series was never a PS exclusive in the first place. Metal Gear Solid was also released on the PC, Metal Gear Solid 2 was released on the Xbox, and Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes had a Gamecube release. Not to mention that the Metal Gear franchise itself didn't even start on a PS platform.

BakedGoods4230d ago

Relevant username.

Maybe next time slow down before you do, infact, break your neck.

MGS series was never exclusive.

pixelsword4230d ago (Edited 4230d ago )

Dear everyone:

Thanks for the education, I did not know that.

I must add though that isn't this the case that the PS3's MGS is still exclusive because it's a console exclusive and the Metal Gear on the NES and the new one on the 360 is not a "Solid", but in the 360's case a "rising"?

Just curious.


YodaCracker4230d ago

@Just_The_Truth: "wow i can't think of one ps3 exclusive that's gone multiplatform unlike bioshock & ME2."

Could have sworn they were both on the PC too, but oh well.

lil Titan4230d ago

MGS series was never an exclusive but always felt like it since PS fans put this fanchise above anything in house that was Sony, fact is that 360 users dont want MGS4 on 360 to play it, they want it on 360 just to say they took something of yours which really was always multiplat in the first place, thats ignorance for ya

morganfell4230d ago

When you get MGS4, the greatest game ever made, come back and see me.

Ser4230d ago

What does MGS have to do with anything? You're just as bad as he is.

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DigitalRaptor4231d ago


I called this over a year ago. Knew it would be coming to PS3 or at least PC.

SuperKing4231d ago

Looks decent but Journey is the one to get.

blizzard_cool4231d ago

True but you can't denie that Limbo seams like an awesome game.

JsonHenry4231d ago

Limbo IS an awesome game. I'm sure you would be doing yourself justice by purchasing both Journey and Limbo.

gaden_malak4230d ago

I hope so, I was thinking of getting it for 360 but if it comes to PS3 i'll weigh up the prices.

nirwanda4230d ago (Edited 4230d ago )

At gaden malak a wize move i bought my copy on the 360 when it was half price and it will be identical on both platforms like pretty much every multiplatform game

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CynicalVision4231d ago

How about just getting both? Journey and Limbo have two very different styles of gameplay, both unique and interesting.

NYC_Gamer4231d ago

why not just be happy with the option of being able to own both

SuperKing4231d ago

That's why I love my PS3. I might buy both, but I'll buy Limbo during a sale or something. Journey will be a blind purchase, no matter the cost. it just looks incredible.

Anon19744231d ago

Excellent! I just started playing Braid as it was only $3 on the PSN. Limbo was one of those games that I considered a must play, but just hadn't yet due to laziness. I put together a new home theater system and didn't setup my 360 properly but as I game on my PS3, laziness kept me from troubleshooting the problem. It was either going to be Limbo or Gears 3 that finally made me pull everything out from the wall and inspect the hookups. If Limbo is coming to the PSN, I guess it'll be Gears in November that finally makes me get off my ass.

Looking forward to Journey as well.

YodaCracker4230d ago (Edited 4230d ago )

Gears is in September, actually.

nirwanda4230d ago

Wow that is lazy hdmi into back of amp or optical out and change the sound settings on the dash to surround sound

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trounbyfire4231d ago

sorry but it has not art or sound and its a basic puzzle platformer

LBP could make this game

PandaJenkins4231d ago

You clearly have not played it.

CynicalVision4231d ago

There are plenty of LBP style Limbo levels, obviously they're no where near as good as the original source.

bangoskank4230d ago

It is very likely that he is. The ignorance on here is dizzying.

bangoskank4230d ago (Edited 4230d ago )


Sir, please pull your head out of your ass.

trounbyfire4230d ago

your so cool lack of art is not art

bangoskank4229d ago

You should not judge something that you have experienced first-hand. You're only making yourself seem foolish. The art and sound create an atmosphere unlike any other game I've played. I'm sure many would agree with me.

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ZeroChaos4231d ago

Nice to see PS3 owners get it, its a shame MS has thrown around the word exclusive and forgotten what it actually means.

karl4231d ago

its more of a shame that soo many kids eat MS marketing and get fooled everytime .. even though xbox is no longer a relevant platform in terms of exclusivity...

u can get all the same everywhere else

gcolley4230d ago

it is a great game but who cares what these bullshit companies say in their marketing. they are all the same and help to give the marketing profession its bad reputation. unfortunately it is also childish fanboys who jump all over what they say, on both sides, and then fall for the same crap on their own console choice.

moral of the story... want an interesting discussion? don't bother with talking to children.