Uncharted 3‘s Multiplayer Beta Community Split Over New Features

MovieStinger: "The Uncharted 3 beta was released not even 24 hours ago and the official forums are already flooded with a mix of praise and complaints from fans of Uncharted 2‘s multiplayer. I had a chance to get my hands on the same multiplayer build at E3 earlier this month and voiced some of the same concerns that are now constantly being brought up on Naughty Dog’s forums. So is Uncharted 3 an evolution in multiplayer gaming or a train wreck of new features?"

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sinncross3438d ago

I remember playing UC2's MP briefly and though it was alright. So far with this beta I am absolutely loving the MP.

Bring on Uncharted 3's release!

Abash3438d ago

Exactly, I love these new features and modes

coryok3438d ago

yea i like them too, especially all the different modes that they have

Dee_913438d ago

I dont understand
it has everything uc2 had plus more
did thhey just want another uc2 ?
i know thats what people are use to with the cod series so that might be the reason for the complaints lol

but seriously I can see if they just dropped all uc2 elements and built something brand new
but they didnt they built off uc2 so it has everything uc2 had the new elements are a plus to me
eh im not surprised you cant pleases everyone

I just hope nd dont ruin everything theyve done so far trying to please everyone

Why o why3438d ago

from what i see theres a hardcore mode with none of the extra bells n whistles. Smart move by ND

Pixel_Pusher3438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )

Give it some time and get used to the new mechanics before you start to criticize. In order to give an accurate assessment you'll need to play the game for more than a couple of hours. If you want it to turn out well then be fair and openminded when giving your feedback on the beta forums and
keep your emotions in check.

UC2 was greatness (minus a few issues) but it's time to move on and try new things!

pixelsword3438d ago

As long as I can make my character to the pump, I'm happy.

Solid_Malone3437d ago

hahaha yeah, i was actually using that taunt all day on U3 :).

Marceles3437d ago

Lol yeah Why O Why, Hardcore mode is awesome. Every time a power play starts I want to throw my controller across the room. My team still ends up winning anyway, but I want to win by more points lol

badz1493437d ago

not that I played it already, it just didn't launch at all! I started the beta, then it asks to update and then my PS3 restarted! 3 times the same thing and now I'm pissed and I'm at work! sorry boss for any performance slump today! blame it on UC3! :-(

Pixel_Pusher3437d ago

if you're having issues with UC3 beta just delete the UC3 files in game utility folder.

PRHB HYBRiiD3437d ago

loving the beta im so bored of fps mp i needed something new

miyamoto3437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )

I miss the original Uncharted 2 MP its by far the best. Anyone can kick ass during those days. The hackers are the one to blame with the changes ND made with Uncharted 2 MP.

This U3 beta feels very light compared to U2 MP. And those suicide grenaders are a pain in the ass but it does makes you play more actively & more alert.
Its okay though. except for the graphics and sounds are horrible by Uncharted 2 standards.
I hope this will be improved upon.
I also noticed the characters have bigger heads this time.
ND needs to fix the lobby times it takes forever to find players and closed games.
I like Killzone 3 beta better.

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SSKILLZ3438d ago

Hell yeah it plays more smoth than U2 , it just needs a bug fix .

Bloodraid3438d ago

It does NOT play smoother than Uncharted 2... The controls are clunky and there are a load of other issues.

That being said, the multiplayer is great.

WindNinjaDW3437d ago

@BloodRaid: Be specific. What issues are you talking about. As far as clunkiness goes, Uncharted 3 doesn't feel clunky to me. I've yet to run into any issues, aside from the fact I hate the double damage powerplay(winning). Airport stage is hella fun.

Thatguy-3103437d ago

I'll tell you this As a BIG TIME UNCHARTED FAN this multiplayer doesn't play the same as Uncharted 2 ..its sort of clunky when you compare it to its predecessor. AND AIMING SUCKS DONKEY B***S!!! I'M having trouble seeing how this will be the go to game for multiplayer like naughty dog said a while back. I'll just stick with Uncharted 2 for now and I know I have to get used to the new feel of the game but for now its not my favorite thing to play like I was expecting. And there are ton of ppl here that just "love " the beta because its made by naughty dog/ ps3 exclusive ignorant fanboys have ruin this generation

TKCMuzzer3437d ago

It's your ignorance that is in question. I don't love it because it's made by ND, I love it because it's a nice change and fun to play.
Please don't be ignorant and assume you know what others like and why they like it.
It's simple, you thought you where good at U2, ND changed a few things and now your mortal again. Life is a bout learning.

Rainstorm813437d ago

so dboy....since people dont share your OPINION they are ignorant fanboys and their OPINIONS don't even matter?

Ive played it and enjoy it, it isn't U2 at all but an improvement on the U2 formula (minus the bugs)

BX813437d ago

Yeah be more specific so windninjadw can fix them

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STONEY43437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )

From the article
"That’s because I used the new AK47, which in its current state is almost worthless."

What? BS. I literally almost always get 1st place overall in TDM, and I ONLY use the AK-47 as my primary weapon, and I fire full-auto, rarely in bursts. It sounds more like a skill issue here. If anything, the burst-fire gun with the red dot feels terrible. And the Dragonuv is forced to be scoped now. I actually think the AK-47 is the best weapon in the beta

The one think I don't like though is the new co-op mode. All I want is my 10-round gold rush and survival back. Not this constantly changing thing that ruins the pace, and only 5 enemies at once. And it's too easy. What happened to the hecticness of UC2s co-op?

Rainstorm813437d ago

funny i use the FAL substitute as my default gun and place in top 3 at least every time, but i also swap weapons from dead enemies as well.

It all comes down to preference...i love the ak too...

And 3 team deathmatch is great

sobekflakmonkey3437d ago

Yeah, same here, Lurv that AK-47, at first I tried the G-Mal, but shortly after using it I started to hate it with a passion, just not good with it, some people are but I am definitely not one of those people, I rock the AK-47 or the M9, I prefer the M9 but I only use it in Co-op.

Redempteur3437d ago

i'm a AK-47 player and i have no trouble killing my ennemies.

it's just différent than the U2 ak ...

Thatguy-3103437d ago

Just want to wait and see how long these "supporters" will stay playing Uncharted 3 multiplayer if ND decides to keep it the same way it is in the beta..when I see the big numbers of ppl online playing it I will know im wrong and that the changes where right but for now I just don't like it and see it as a COD TPS clone and looking at other COD clones I'm sure you guys have noticed how it doesn't end well and it sucks to say it because I'm a big Uncharted fan and its my holy grail of this generation but I'm honest and only because I like the series doesn't mean that I'm going to LIkE every single thing that comes out of it like some ppl on here. so all you fanboys can disagree with me all you want :D as for now its Uncharted 2 4 ME !!

Rainstorm813437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )

Its fine for some to not like the additions.... but to try and call out other gamers for enjoying new additions is just ignorant...

COD TPS?? WTF?? play hardcore boosters or anything.

It just seems like you are trying very hard not to like it, You've said the series was the holy grail for you then you know U2's MP went through changes post release, U3 is still in beta form it will have updates and changes......but you're a fan and know this Riiiiight?

Thatguy-3103437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )


Only because I'm a fan does not mean I'm gonna have to play something I don't like believe me when I say this i keep going back to it omce in a while and try my best to like but i simply cant..It's a fact that ill enjoy the single player which I prefer the most but like I said in another comment i cant really see this game being the go to multiplayer experience that naughty wants it to be for god sake less than 20 ppl in my friend list have downloaded the beta which was basically available to anyone ... I'm a gamer if I don't like it I'm not gonna wait for the post changes to happen like you mention in your comment ...I truly see where your coming from but this is my opinion and I don't really attack everyone that likes the new additions ...I know for a fact that they're a lot of ppl here that are just supporting it.becAuse its made by naughty dog

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Wolfie3438d ago

i am veteran UC2 player and i love UC3 multiplayer, free 4 all is awesome !

theonlylolking3438d ago

The people in the forums are only complainers. I wish more people would say what they like in the forums instead of it just being around 3 people(including me).

BryanBegins3437d ago

No no, I'm a hardcore gamer and I hate changes. I want ND to replicate UC2's multiplayer exactly and not add anything else!

This is why I buy COD every year and I buy HD remake of old games (and the fact they freaking have trophies!)


BX813437d ago

Oh snap that was hell'a funny where is my bubble up button?..... Lame!

FAGOL3438d ago

I've only played 2 matches of tdm. The Cargo plane bit was just amazing! I wish it would of lasted longer though.

Hockeydud193438d ago

I'm suprised they didn't continue fighting on the plane after it takes off. Like getting a cash bonus for capturing the plane and then continue the fight in and outside the plane. It almost feels pointless after you just get pushed into the hangers. It is a very cool premise though.

BeaArthur3438d ago

I love U2 (up until 1.5) and I have only done 3 matches of U3 and I'm enjoying that as well. I think it's too early for anyone to compare and contrast them. Most things haven't been unlocked yet.

fluffydelusions3438d ago

I can't imagine who'd complain over the features. The MP is fantastic.

BeaArthur3438d ago

I could see people taking issue with some things. Being able to buy extra perks before a round starts might be a little unbalancing. Anytime you change something about a game people really liked will be met with some criticism.

My advise for those people would be to approach each game as it's own entity and not compare it to what the last one was. I can already tell that some things that worked for me in U2 aren't going to work in U3 so I will have to employ different strategies and I'm fine with that because I accept it.