Playstation 4: Successor console slated for reveal in 2012?

For every year added to the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3′s lifecycles, we’re treated to a renewed swarm of speculative buzz regarding possible successor consoles. These rumors always operate on the same basic premise: since these consoles are in their longest console cycles, they are due for an update. Accordingly, we’re treated to rumors about an Xbox 720 that’s getting furiously worked on or a Playstation 4 being put together with the urgency of a new Manhattan Project.

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zero_cool3441d ago

I seriously doubt it because it's still too early!


It will b reveled 2012 and come out summer of 2013.

Perjoss3441d ago

They cant afford to mess around, the 1 year lead was perfect for the 360, it did really well even though it was a broken console. If MS get that 1 year lead again with a console that is not faulty and significantly more powerful than the ps3 then its pretty much game over.

DeadlyFire3440d ago

Definitely E3 2012. I know there is talk of extending PS3's lifecycle, but no reason PS3 can't co-exist with PS4. The real factor in when is deciding if its time to really kill the PS2's production. That is what they are questioning internally. Its 11 years old and still going strong with 150 million units sold in February 2011. If they slump PS2 production to make PS4 or if they open new factories and produce the PS4. If they stop PS2 line immediately they will lose out on cash flow and if they go all new factories for PS4 they likely will hurt their pocket a bit. They likely already have plans, deals, and specs based on what they believe is next generation gear for PS4. They just are stretching and tweaking it a bit to aim it for the right window. Since Nintendo's announcement Sony and Microsoft are likely very prepared to shift into the next generation. Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo were all likely approached in 2009/2010. As rumors of GPU war contracts lasted all year. PowerVR 6, Intel, AMD, NVIDIA all rumored to be in deals with new consoles at the time. I think its very likely those rumors are true. At least some of them. Nintendo U has the ATI/AMD GPU. Where did the others go? Well Microsoft is granting NVIDIA money to make ARM CPUs. So its possible Microsoft has a NVIDIA GPU in its next console. I believe since Larrabee 1.0 was flop its possible Sony jumped towards PowerVR 6 GPU since they are using modified PowerVR 5 for Vita. Likely all contracted by now and already in the works in testing or on the table with some sort of GPU/CPU combo under wraps. Have to wait til E3 2012 to even get Nintendo's specs which is disappointing. Its like they didn't even decide to announce Nintendo U until they woke up before E3.

Time will tell us.

malamdra3441d ago

nope, not even close

PS4 will be revealed at E3 2013 and release on 2014

QuodEratDemonstrandm3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

If Sony announces ps4 next year, they'll show it off at e3 2013 and release late 2013 or early 2014.

That seems to be the pattern.

DeadlyFire3440d ago

E3 2012 reveal or Armageddon will happen!!

BubbleSniper3441d ago

I'll take a wild guess and say, E3 reveal and release in the winter of 2013. (nov-dec)

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

Doubt it. Neither the nextbox nor the ps4 will be announced next year. Microsoft will try to get as much out of kinect as possible before moving on to the next generation. And sony has all but confirmed recently that the ps4 won't be here for a while. The ps2 is still selling millions a year, the ps3 is still hitting strides and they now have to focus on a successful launch of the vita.


I know what the 10 year plan means. What I'm saying is that Sony has their hands full with other stuff at the moment. The launch of the Vita being the biggest. They've stated numerous times one of the things they did wrong with the psp was not supporting it enough after it released. So you can expect them to put alot of resources into the vita this time around. That on top of their push for 3d and move AND the crap load of ps3 you really think they have time for the ps4? Even if they are thinking about what a possible ps4 would be announcing it next year is out of the question.

Besides, given this industry's ability to keep confidential information, we'd have had a leak by now about the ps4.

tigertron3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

I actually do think that next year's E3 will have the big Playstation and Xbox reveals.

EDIT: @ Exgamer

Of course Sony and Microsoft are downplaying rumours of their next consoles, they want to get as many sales as they can before hand.

When Sony keeps telling us about the "10 year plan", that means they'll continue to support the PS3 for that length, but that doesn't mean they won't release a PS4 within that time. Lets not forget the PS2 was supported even after the PS3 came out.

zero_cool3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

Playstation console launch history time line...

Playstation:launched in Japan on December 3th 1994, North America on September 9th 1995,Europe on September 29th 1995.

Playstation 2:launched in Japan on March 4th 2000,North America on October 26th 2000,Europe on November 24th 2000.

Playstation 3:launched in Japan on November 11th 2006,North America on November 17th 2006,Europe on March 23th 2007.

firemassacre3441d ago

2014 announced 2015 launched.

WhiteLightning3441d ago

As long as they've learnt their mistake with the price issue, I can still remember when the announced the price of the PS3....owch

I think they have though, making the PSV the same price as the Nintendo 3DS when it first launched AND it has a lot more features then it.

If the PS4 pushes graphics again like the PS3 did and has a good price point I'll be happy.

TyrionL3441d ago

I tell you what, I was shocked when they announced the price of Vita. I couldn't be more happy about it. I was really worried they were going to price is at $350-$400, I was so glad they priced it at $250. As long as Uncharted stays a launch title I will be all over it day 1. Even if Uncharted isn’t a launch title and they have some good titles I will still get it, I am just really looking forward to Uncharted. Does anyone know if the storage medium they are using for the games really maxes out at 4GB? Not that that’s really bad, I was just expecting it to be able to hold as much as most current gen games.

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