Molyneux bored with modern games' 'sameness'

Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux has admitted that he's becoming bored of the "sameness" of modern blockbuster games.

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dangert124352d ago

i know what you mean peter, well you chose to work for microsoft XD

WhiteLightning4352d ago

Apparently if he leaves Microsoft will chop his ear off :)

Abriael4352d ago

I'm bored with the "sameness" of peter molyneux' games.

NYC_Gamer4352d ago

his last two games were boring

nickjkl4352d ago

its weird isnt he a developer

you know you could always develop something you know different

anasurimbor4352d ago

Welcome to the club Molyneux.

Inside_out4352d ago

I like Peter and Fable is a day one purchase around here but his jealously of the success of other games and genre's is getting irritating.

Make your game Peter and let the market decide on it's success.

garos824352d ago

so fable 1 , 2 , 3, journey... hypocrite much?

VampiricDragon4352d ago

this is one thing hes right about

Everything looks the same, plays the same, with the same stories

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