Most RPG heroes are 'hated' - Monolith

Tetsuya Makahashi, the creator of Xenoblade Chronicles, believes that most heroes of role-playing games end up being hated.

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zerocrossing3441d ago

I think most people hate the crappy dubs we sometimes have to suffer in the west more than the characters themselves

Yi-Long3441d ago

... it's usually the horrible voices that ruin these games/characters.

I'm still surprised Shenmue (great game) has become so popular while the main character was dubbed so horrible here in the west.

I also wonder if the negative reactions to Samus' character in the new Metroid game had anything to do with the voice she was given in the dubbed version.

Did the game/character get the same kind of negative fan-feeback in Japan/Asia!?

NewMonday3441d ago

Makahashi:"With RPGs, there is one way to ensure the hero isn't hated - and that's to make it so they don't utter a word...not making the main character say anything is easy, but for this title, we wanted him to speak. This meant we were groping for a way to get that 'resonance'. In the end, I think we managed to achieve that to some degree."

instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, they should take a look at some western RPGs, heroes have different lines of dialog an can be noble or assholes depending on the players style.

you can choose who to love, self-sacrifice or using others, killing or talking things out.

the only JRPGs that come close to this are the MegaTen games.

zerocrossing3441d ago

Voicing a character as iconic as Samus was bound to not go down so well with fans from the start, The western dubbing probably wasn't as great as it could have been but Ive heard much worse.
Im not really sure how the Japanese fanbase reacted to it though, They have many talented voice actors so it mite have gone down better.

Arksine3441d ago

Not sure where Monolith is coming from here. Who hates Fei Fong Wong? Who hates KOSMOS? Okay, none of us like Shion, but its because she whines too much.

Run_bare3441d ago

Even though I got annoyed by some of the characters, but I love majority of them. I really Like Yuna, Tidus, Shion, Chaos, and many many more.

Legion3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

Seeing that I don't consider a RPG a TRUE RPG unless you can create your own character. And in that case why would I hate my own character?

Now if he is generalizing then I still don't see that the majority of heroes are hated. The situations they get into might be hated, but the characters themselves are usually created in a way that you have to become invested in the character to enjoy continuing with the game. So NO, most RPG heroes are not hated. IMO.

koehler833441d ago

Playing a role is playing a role. Actors don't create their own characters. That doesn't change the act of role playing.

Legion3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

With your definition then ALL games are role playing games as you are playing a character.

The RPGs in video games were created based on Role-playing game of pen and paper. Were the players each create characters whose roles they will play in the game.

I'm not saying that other RPGs that don't have player creation aren't RPGs, just not TRUE RPGs in my eyes.

koehler833441d ago

Well no, in most games you're not role playing, you're simply controlling actions. Pointing, aiming, shooting and jumping aren't role playing. Things that evolve the story, choices, character building (actual character, not stat building), plot diversions are all factors in role playing.

That isn't to say all games labelled RPGs are in fact role playing games. Many are just action/strategy games, like Kingdom Hearts or most Final Fantasy games. The first Final Fantasy is definitely a role playing game, in which you create the characters. Chrono Trigger is most definitely a role playing game in which you don't create the characters.

Creating your character doesn't preclude role playing. You can create your own character in numerous action games too.

No_Pantaloons3441d ago

Totally agree. In fact just looking at their character, "shulk" makes me immediately lose interest in the game.

The absurd, overly lavish wardrobe alone sends red flags sailing. The bleach blonde hair and oversized sword is almost definitive confirmation that the hero is the typical japanese moody emo type. Voice over or not, much of his dialog will be complaining and over-dramatic sulking.

Not that western heroes are much better with being constantly on roids and completely lacking any fear at all, but still it seems like MOST games just can't make a likeable hero.

zerocrossing3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

I kinda like the absurdity of it all, characters dressed in overly lavish wardrobe and teenagers swinging around big swords I find it entertaining and feel it ads to the fantasy element. As for likeable characters in RPG's or JRPG's go, If you don't like the generic type then Lost Odyssey's Kaim was a pretty good hero.