Should games always let us win?

BeefJack: "Should games always let us win? Are games always better when the hero beats the bad guys, uncovers the mystery and knows evil will never be back? We’re not so sure..."

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mobijoker3440d ago

Lately all games seem so.As some kiddies have got into games that are not meant for them and become crybabies on forums if they are killed once in the game.And the result games are now movies with a bit more button presses.

Quagmire3440d ago

Infamous is the only game where I felt close to not winning, considering the events ending it.

Saryk3440d ago

Back in the 80's and 90's, games came with furry nuts!

At the start of the 21st Century, the nuts were removed and games were neutered.

Today, we put diapers on the games!

Games should have a chance to be beaten. But there should be chance of failure.
And by failure I mean, you start the game over failure, not the last save.

spektical3440d ago

no thats bull. save the start game over for arcade games, and hardcore modes. i found that incredibly annoying.

Saryk3440d ago

I was thinking more like failure by story and possibly by action.


You didn't catch/kill the serial killer. So he kills your dog (or X).

Story: you have a choice to do A,B and C. You screwed up, so your dog dies and the game saves. You can't go back and replay so your dog will live.

Action: You are chasing the serial killer through the streets. You try to jump the fence and slip down, the killer gets away, game saves.
Serial killer goes to your home, shoots your dog.

If you want to save the dog, you would have to start the game over. Or play along and deal with you own actions!

Hatiko3439d ago

That's why I liked heavy rain. You choices and how well you were able to do in fights/chase scenes and other events decided what happened to your chracter.

no_more_heroes3440d ago

I don't like the idea of being outsmarted by something that's not real and doesn't truly exist, but a little bit more "intelligent" difficulty wouldn't hurt.

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