Top Ten: Awesome Videogame Mechs

Dealspwn takes a look at ten of the biggest, baddest and most devastating mecha to ever make an appearance in videogames.

Dealspwn: "Videogames have allowed us to experience things that we'd never witness in real life. We've boldly strode across alien worlds, saved civilizations, become sporting legends and explored complex narratives that rival anything on the silver screen. But I'd be remiss if we didn't point out that we've also been able to stomp about in massive, awesome robot suits and squelch our enemies beneath several tons of armoured murder. Mechs, exoskeletons, Mecha, call them what you will, but there's no doubt that these enormous war machines are very much here to stay. Just try telling them otherwise."

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firelogic3442d ago

Good list. I'd put Jehuty #1 and also include Cybernator.