Top 10 Nintendo 3DS games of 2011 so far

Pocket Gamer: "We've cast our eyes over all the Nintendo 3DS titles released to date, and now provide you with a list of the top 10 3DS games available for the platform.

If you're feeling a little bored with the games you've picked up, why not give some of these a try and get that Circle Pad working again."

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Xof3445d ago

Top... 10? I think most people would be VERY hard-pressed to come up with a top 5.

Gotta love this quote: "Pilotwings Resort was perhaps one of our biggest disappointments on the 3DS" ...and yet it's still one of the 3DS' top 10 games? Yeah... right.

Ayer993444d ago

Just because a game is disappointing doesn't mean it isn't good. And second of all, can you come up with 10 games better than it?

Xof3444d ago

That's my point entirely.

It really says something about the 3DS library that a list of the "top 10 games" would describe games on that list as disappointing. And no, I can't name 10 games better than it--which, again, is my point. The 3DS has only 3 or 4 good games; any list of the "top 10" will be filled with more than a little mediocrity.