Top 7 Super Snowy Stages

Following Techtroid's food based level list, they decided to continue the theme and celebrate other famous stages. This time it's the best snow levels in the gaming world.

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Prototype3441d ago

I'd put Sonic 3's Ice Cap at #1 not 7 >:(

InLaLaLand3441d ago

Shadow Moses? I know it was a cold place but...


When you go back in MGS4.

r213441d ago

yeah, in kz3, the snow area was an awesome set piece.

CDbiggen3440d ago

Great little random list XD. I would've added Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island's snow levels with the snowmen, ski-lifts and rolling snowballs. Great fun.

Frosty1988UK3439d ago

So we've had food based and now snow based levels too. What list would you like to see next? x