F.E.A.R. 3 review (BeefJack)

BeefJack: "Flaunting the talents of horror filmmaker supremo John Carpenter and equally creepy comic book and film writer Steve Niles, does F.E.A.R. 3 manage to shock? Or has it become a mewling kitten in a stagnating FPS market since being taken on by Day 1 Studios?"

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firemassacre3442d ago

bought it for my 360, it was ok

Linko643442d ago

What eles did you want Fettel to lift? if you coudl tear apart the map the person playing as Point Man would feel left out of the action, not really sure what the issue with melee is about either if your running into a party of five looking to knife one you should expect to be shot at. The game a decent title imo with a top notch co-op mode, i'd would of thrown a 8 at it overall with the only real negatives being lack of a 'OMFG' weapon (Fear 3 weapons seem a bit tame) and a lack of real feeling of the story moving foward. The way the ending is pushe out via co-op scores is quite cool