Devil May Cry 4 Special DVD Revealed

The cover and disc covers for the Devil May Cry 4 special edition DVD have been revealed (for Japan at least). The DVD comes with behind the scenes content and is in limited supply and only available to people who pre-ordered the game.

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HeartlesskizZ4867d ago

I still have to make up my mind about getting this one. I love DMC but this 4th one seems to be a bit to weird. maybe ill wait for reviews or a demo perhaps

IdontTakeSides4867d ago

Yup that's what im saying I personally think they didn't needed a 4th do all the extras fit on one dvd or does the 360 get two disc's...HAHA??

picker3324867d ago

I hope i don't miss out on something special about that special edition cd(like i did on the 3rd one)...
Anyway you guy's are not the only one's who think this is weird.
I'm still thinking that Dante is the man(the main Character)
Nero look's like a poser & a litte bit soft,
That's what i like about Dante is that he don't give a sh!t about no one + he don't take anything seriusly,That is why we all like Dante.

Gordii4867d ago

Its Capcom... used to like the DMC series but not anymore.... Although i will never get rid of my Breath of Fire 3 and 4 :)

HeartlesskizZ4867d ago

Dante is an open mind guy that dont like to be disturb wile eating pizza and really love skating on top of rockets. all that is the Dante I know but somehow he is not the same on this one. so sad.=(