Hellgate: London Review 7.4/10 By CVG

London. A wretched, smoky eyesore, overrun by demonic overspill, and populated mainly by hand-claspingly sycophantic homosexuals and fat-tongued cockney imbeciles. At least, that's what the scriptwriters and voice actors at Flagship seem to think.

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Venom_Blood4866d ago

thats not so bad, this game has turn to be in my wanted list for pc

HeartlesskizZ4866d ago

I seen videos of this game but not really my taste.

IdontTakeSides4866d ago

im not really interested in this game at all...HMMM

Leord4866d ago

I don't agree at all with the review. While I do agree that they should have waited a month before release to make sure all bugs are gone, the game itself is definitely in my taste, and plays great!