Bodycount dated for August/September

TVGB: "Codemasters has penned down specific dates for its upcoming Bodycount. The once Stuart Black-led shooter will be out in North America on August 30th and EMEA regions on September 2nd."

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DeadlyFire3438d ago

Can't wait. Looks awesome. A little odd in a way, but an attempt at innovation can't be frowned upon until played.

joydestroy3438d ago

ever since i read that most of the team behind Black was working on this, i was sold. ever since Black came out i always wished they would make a sequel. and now they are, of sorts. very excited about this one.

DeadlyFire3437d ago

Indeed me as well. I don't know if I like the "special abilities" thing, but rest seems great to me and an improvement upon BLACK I believe. AI that actually works together sounds quite nice and its very uncommon in a game.