PS3 exclusive Dark Mist unveiled,releasing Nov 8th

PS3 and PSN exclusive title Dark mist is coming Nov 8th in japan for a retail price of 800yen only

full details

- Developed by Game Republic
- Action Shooting game
- 800yen
- 447meg
- 1 player
- 8th Nov 2007
- You play as the warrior of light, Althemis, shooting down the forces of darkness

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KidMakeshift4866d ago

I like Folklore and Genji, so it might be worth getting

doomsonyman4866d ago

yea i liked folklore, i don't know about genji but i can't wait for them to bring this out in the u.s. so i can try it out

IdontTakeSides4866d ago

Yes Folklore is great....Genji not so much but I guess everyone has different taste...seems rather interesting though...

Lightning Mr Bubbles4866d ago

Is this just for Japan or US also?

n4iru4866d ago

Just for japan. It might come to US though, but I kinda doubt it.

It for sure wont come to EU though, since those French fairies wont play any game unless it's in French, they wont release a game in just one EU country.

Sevir044866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

it seems the genji team are at it again, they also have the well awaited Toy Home combat racer planned for a December release for japan US and EU PS stores so seeing this is a surprise and they also have the portable version of Folklore in the mix and quite a few add ons for folklore for ps3 due out in December.

good to see them doing games on the fly. both high budget and low.

*edit Hey it even has support for dual shock 3

and it looks pretty intersting, i wanna see what it's about