Let's make fun of Xbox 360 software sales

Microsoft has only sold around 6000 units of Xbox 360 in Japan for the month of May. This is not a great hit in the popularity of the Xbox 360 but still it hurts the sale and revenue.

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stonecold33443d ago

i dont know what to say maybe microsoft should pull out of japan altogether as m$ claims they think the 360 is doing fine world wide and think they are ahead of ps3 well this is proves m$ wrong. the ps3 ahead and doing well even outselling the 360 .

EasilyTheBest3442d ago

Who wants to bet that Microsoft will buy or partner with Sega or another big Japanese Studio for the Next XBox.
They may even call it something else over there.

Louis_Guzman3442d ago

Sure, just like they were supposed to do with the original xbox. It's never going to happen. The only company I see buying any other Japanese company is Nintendo.

Knghtz3442d ago

I know I may get hit with a lot of disagrees here but...

Is Sega really that relevant anymore? That pains me to say, it really does...

volcane3442d ago

Sega + xbox = The Sexbox

LostDjinn3442d ago

How is the 360 moving low numbers in Japan news, new news or even relevant? When don't they sell very few units a month? If MS pushed large numbers in Japan, that would be something.

This is just fluff being used to generate hate and hits.

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EVILDEAD3603442d ago

In comparison, Sony clearly dominates Japan, where Microsoft clearly dominates America. They both are pretty even in Europe.

But the fact is Japan isn't a factor when it come to software sales.

Games like Uncharted 2, God of War 3, and Little big planet cant aren't even in the top 50 in Japan. In fact, you can't even get those games to sell 200,000 in Japan. Gran Turismo 5 which is huge in Japan couldn't even sell 1 million.

So other than padding hardware sales, Japan would help a company like the 360 sell where it matters and thats games.

The console war is simple Sony leads in Japan and Micrsoft offsets this by it's lead in North America. Europe as a whole may break for Sony and give them the WW lead, but it's never by much.

But, when it comes to software, Mircrsoft's titles thrive bacause of North America and Europe, where it matters the most.

I salute Micrsoft for trying to sell in Japan, but they simply don't need them to be successful and it's clear that their gaming tastes don't help alot of Sony's big exclusives as well.


mcstorm3442d ago

I agree with you on that. The other problem MS has in Japan is they like different types of games compared to Europe and USA. Europe and USA love FPS game and Car games Japan loved JRPG and puzzle game and this is not MS strong point at the moment.

Japan has games come out over there that we never see in Europe or in the USA because they know the will sell better in Japan.

I dont think MS have done a bad job over there the sales over the original xbox are better and the same to be said in the USA and Europe.

This gen for MS was all about getting there name out there fully and making up the loss they took on the xbox. MS have done this quicker then they expected and have even pushed Sony off the Number 1 spot in the US.

MS have proved this gen that they are now here to stay and are pushing forward with with MS are best at Software.

If they want to have better sales in Japan then we will see them have some new developers who can take MS into the Japan market but at this point in time they dont need too as they are doing fine in Europe and USA.

coryok3442d ago

xbox and ps3 arent even in euro territories lol

ps3 is way ahead of sales in euro than x360

NA is the only region that microsoft has control of, ps3 takes the rest of the world

chaos-lockheart3442d ago

360 also has jp games why arnt those selling

SNEEKZ0NER3442d ago

Obviously Microsoft isn't going to sell as much as Sony in Japan.Sony is from Japan I'm sure they have mass advertising out there.

TheHomerPimpson3442d ago

Think it's mainly due to Nintendo and Playstation being firmly established in the Japanese video game market. Not sure what the original Xbox sold like in Japan, but we all know how the PS2 did. I'm sure Microsoft already conceded sales to Sony in Japan before they even made the 360 since they know they're not going to convert all those consumers away from something established.

I'd actually be interested to see how much (or really how "little") Microsoft put towards advertising in Japan...just out of pure curiosity.

Hicken3442d ago

Except that they spent who knows how much buying up exclusives and timed exclusives of things (a number of Square-Enix titles come to mind). They put a good deal of money into making their system appealing by having the sorts of games that sell well in Japan exclusive to their system (like Tales of Vesperia), and yet their numbers don't reflect it.

mastiffchild3442d ago

Well, I think MS have spent a SHEDLOAD of cash in the East trying to break Japan. You imagine the FF and Tales and SO(and the mistqwalker games)were cheap? No,they sspent a ton of timed and true exclusive JRPGs and why? It as just badly wasted cash.

I do not blame MS for this, though, and rather put the blame at the door of whoever was advising them on not just this but also their consistently hated advertising stance in Japan. they show a failure to grasp the culture in any real sense and seemed to think just throwing known JRPGs at them, regardless of quality and using aggressive advertising that only ever works in the US, they would magically become a force in the East.

Japanese gamers, largely, didn't warm to the approach and the timed exclusives that devs, stupidly and short sightedly, agreed to just angered people-remember the Tales protests when PS3 got the game too and people felt duped into buying 360s? No, whoever advised MS in jaan this gen needs shooting as they really failed in THEIR job and it resulted in MS wasting a ton of cash over nothing.

The games they went for, however, were the right titles but I can't see the same companies doing the same next gen after it hurt them this and as MS failed to gain any trust with their campaign it's gonna be a tough one whenever they try again. The ad campaigns, though, really seemed to turn people off and we saw countless articles debating the whys of this issue a few years back. I guess MS can say they will, at least, have learned a lot from all this and , please God, they've got a better person in charge of their Eastern interests by now.

ufo8mycat3442d ago

This is obviously most likely a coincedence, but I have actually come across more Japanese players on BFBC2 on 360 then I have on PS3.

Obviosuly just random but yeah

vsr3442d ago

New xbox is coming.
So It's time to discontinue xbox360 from japan.

EVO-OM3GA3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

That has to be the most Immature and unprofessional headline for any article!

Why should you poke fun at any company for lack of sales? should be happy MS is still supporting there product across all regions and not looking to pull out because there not selling as well as they are in others.

mastiffchild3442d ago

Yes, it's a feeble headline that they ought to be ashamed of. Poor sales only ever mean jobs in danger so MS keeping going is actually to their credit while this whole way of reporting stinks.

Doesn't change the fact MS have been woefully misguided in their current Japanese campaign, though, and I REALLY hope whoever was responsible for the mess is no longer getting handsomely rewarded for such BS.

jimbone793442d ago

I agree 100% with this. I also think this is the shortest comment I've ever seen you make.

TruthBTold3442d ago

Yep, just making sure to get some attention the easy way and I agree. If we, the consumers stop playing the sales games and look at the important things we have been spoiled this gen. Look at all the games multi and exclusives and both systems have done well. The only thing that kept me from buying a 360 before was the whole dependable the hardware was so I only bought the ps3 because the games are there. Since the issue seems to be gone now I am just thinking of saving my money for the next gen systems which should coming out soon and hopefully both sony and ms learned from their mistakes this gen.just make the system more affordable from the getco and more dependable and I know the games will always be there.

kudakadere3442d ago

Japan hated the first XBOX and loved the Ps2 for it's rpg's such as FF so in a way the Ps3 had a push start while XBOX was still establishing it's self as a brand in Japan .

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