Xbox 720 Predictions

MMGN writes: Yet another report has surface regarding Microsoft's successor to the Xbox 360. Apparently we can expect a reveal at E3 2012.
What do gamers think Microsoft's new console will have? What features will it include, and how will it better the current technology?

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Shackdaddy8363441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

Those are the worst predictions ever...

Cloud will probably only be a small feature, kinect isn't really going anywhere, and it isn't that hard to be graphically superior to 6 to 7 year old hardware.

EasilyTheBest3441d ago

The controller willhave a 4" screen.
The controller will be in two pieces and each part will connect to either side of the screen.
They can detach to be used a bit like Move with an improved version of Kinect.
You will be able to pause any game and go on Live dashboard. It will overlay on top of game.

Inside_out3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

Gaming will become an icon on a screen anywhere, anytime...24/7

What EA is doing is only the beginning. All publishers will eventually go with their own platforms for their IP's. The technology already exists and soon every Laptop, notebook, tablet, cell phone and T.v will give you the same gaming experience. The game will be scaled to whatever device you happen to be on. It will be click on the Activision icon account and if you have signed up, your gaming anywhere-anytime.

Not only will this happen...people will demand it.

Tyre3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

Inside_out seems to lobby for cloud gaming...geez every article ur preeching ur so called 'Cloud future', shut up already mr prophet. Restating it again and again still doesn't make it 'the future' u are beginning to sound like Mr Pachter. Are u part of the Cloud industry? and trying some social engineering?

chak_3440d ago

EA isn't doing cloud. They're just doing an other distribution plateform.

TheLastGuardian20103441d ago

This is a bit funny. We get rumors of reports of a microsoft e3 2012 debut. I'm not in denial that a new gen is coming. It's a given, though I am a bit saddened our current gen (which is really JUST hitting it's stide imo) is in it's last few years of life...I still am a bit skepitical though. These reports are coming from unknown sites. If the same leak occured with the Wii U, where we were given specs, blueprints, info, from REPTUBALE sites like IGN, GameInformer, EDGE, etc...

Till then, I feel like these sites are reaching for hits.

Gaetano3441d ago

It's actually an article consisting of user content and contributions, which is what mmgn is: user driven. It's predictions, from gamers. See heading. I don't think this site claimed it as fact? Again: heading. And "unknown"? Small sites get so much crap, all for simply providing commentary and opinion. No one is holding a gun to your head to read this. It's simple trying to incite discussion, ie. What are YOUR predictions? Stop being a pretentious ass, instead of criticizing a site for trying to create a discussion.

Shackdaddy8363440d ago

I like xbox 3 the most. Keep it simple. I hope they don't give it a dumb name like hardware has been getting lately (wiiu, kinect, vita, etc)

Moebius693441d ago

I hope they don't call the 720

Lifendz3441d ago

What's wrong with the 720? I read somewhere that the main reason to call their current system the 360 was so that consumers wouldn't think it's a lesser system than the PS3. Basically, well this is a PS3 and that's an Xbox 2 so the PS3 must be more powerful. Not sure anyone is that simple but this is how they see the consumer.

So with that same line of thinking they're likely to go with 720. Guess they figure the consumer will think it's twice as powerful as a 360 and more powerful than a PS4.

Parasyte3441d ago

Actually, if I remember right, the reason for naming it the 360 was because 360 degrees is a full revolution and the Xbox 360 was supposed to represent a "revolution" in gaming.

Jdoki3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

I heard both those stories about the naming of the 360. probably some truth in both,

Also the story that the concave design of the original 360 was inspired by an intake of breath - like a gasp - sucking in the sides of the console.

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