Uncharted 3 beta: Naughty Dog deals with beta issues, upset fans

It wasn't enough for Naughty Dog to spend its day working on the Uncharted 3 beta. The dev team also had to respond to upset fans via twitter.

The Gamer Sheep website compiled a some of those interactions.

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gamersheep3443d ago

Twitter has turned gaming developers into pr companies when things go bad.

Joni-Ice3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

People are just retarded and ungrateful. THIS IS A BETA NOT A DEMO. We knew this the day before. We knew the possibilities of issues day one yet people bitch because they can't get a game in. Let ND do their job and fix the game. Its not for you to enjoy now anyway. I wouldn't be surprised if companies went back to just private or closed testing. Too many idiots gamers who don't understand the meaning of a beta. ND if you are reading this, Ignore these fools, just do what you have to do to fix the game for launch.

Love you guys

xPhearR3dx3442d ago

"Too many idiots gamers who don't understand the meaning of a beta"

Blame Sony on that one. If they didn't advertise shit like "Buy this game and get X beta", half those idiots wouldn't be in the beta at all. They did this for the SOCOM 4 beta with Killzone 3. The Resistance 3 beta with SOCOM 4, and now the Uncharted 3 beta with inFamous 2.

Mikelarry3442d ago

i couldnt agree more. ND are not one of these waste developers who push out half arsed product im sure they are working hard to get this fixed the fans just need to calm the f down

rjdofu3442d ago

Agree, since this beta is opened for all Plus member, lagging and freezing is expected. It's like every one try to get into the game. I think it will be back to normal within a day, hopefully.

However, people can complain whatever they want. So far I see some people not only complain about the connection, but also about the openning menu (lol). But in the end, it's ND who decides whether to take the complain and improve it or not. The beta is for that purpose, players help developer to find flaws and the developers base on that to improve their game, all for the best final release. I see nothing bad here.

Waddy1013442d ago

Technically because it's open to PSplus subscribers it's basically open to everyone who has owned a PSN account since the big hacking incident due to the free 30 days.

I think some people just need to get a grip and realise that it's a beta and these kind of problems happen. I bet by now that Naughty Dog are well on their way to fixing these problems or might have already fixed them.

garos823442d ago

no xPhearR3dx i blame you.
sony advertise buy this game you get x "beta". Key word beta. if you are to stupid to realise that you might not get the experience you hoped for due to bugs,freezes, and crappy framerates then i dont know what to say.

OT topic the first 3 games i had were choppy as hell, the game freezed on me 3 times and yet i still recognised the improvements Naughty DOg have made over the previous game. It will be interesting to see the full game in competitive action online.
i love the uncharted tv they have in the corner, i hope they keep something like that in the retail version. its fun watching videos rather than text waiting for the game to load

Ron_Danger3442d ago

Couldn't agree more... People need to understand how betas work... You aren't meant to play it like a demo... The way betas work is: Play it like you normally would... If you find a glitch or bug, report it... Repeat process...
If you've participated in betas in the past and have never reported glitches or bugs that you've found, than you shouldn't participate... It's like a white person going to a Detroit theater to see a black comedy.. You really shouldn't be there

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DirtyLary3442d ago

They need to cut out these public betas and get back to real testing. We all know in the end its an advertisement and money grab when you allow anyone to buy their way into a beta. This was expected. The majority don't know what a beta is. Go back to the days of players signing up on forums and filling out a quick application to test.

Ron_Danger3442d ago

Good point Lary... I only slightly differ from what you've said... For some games it is a money grabber...

If the game that comes with a beta is a new IP or series reboot than it is... Perfect examples would be Medal of Honor on PS3 coming with the Battlefield 3 beta, Socom 4 coming with R3 beta, Crackdown coming with Halo 3 beta, and Bulletstorm on 360 with the GoW3 beta... Games like that need all the money they can get to ensure that the game could have a sequal...

But a sequal coming with a beta is just an added bonus... Infamous 2 was gonna sell copies regardless if it had a beta or not attached to it

but I totally agree with your point about having to register on forums to gain access to betas because with this "open access format", they quickly turn into 10% of players reporting bugs and glitches, 90% of players treating it like a final build demo and only playing it once

firelogic3442d ago

Um...this IS testing. It's testing server load, matchmaking, etc...How are they supposed to test something like that effectively from inside their own house?

Ron_Danger3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

you're also right but only on one side of the argument... Having the high numbers does help developers test their server load, matchmaking, etc... But it's the way that the players utilize their time with the beta that is the issue...

Look at the new CoD Beta that's coming out... They reported that 2 million people have signed up for it... That's great for the developer because they will be able to test their servers under such extreme traffic... But at the same time how many of those 2 million are going to treat it like a beta and leave feedback on bugs and glitches, and how many people just signed up because it's free access to the next CoD

in house testing helps fix bugs and glitches but, like you said, can't test server load... Either way developers can't really win

Urmomlol3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

I'm astounded by the entitlement and stupidity of fans. IT'S DAY ONE OF A FREE BETA. Jesus Christ, when was the last time a beta for a HIGHLY ANTICIPATED GAME that was available FOR FREE to the public rolled out without a hitch?

The answer you're looking for is never. NEVER.

It's not a free demo, it's not a free preview, it's a free BETA -- a tool used to help developers polish their games and anticipate problems LIKE OVERWHELMING TRAFFIC AND SERVER CRASHES.

Jesus people are stupid.

If PR didn't dictate that Naughty Dog be professional, I would love for them to simply post, "STFU. It'll work when it works. That's why it's called a beta."

kingdavid3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

This maybe shouldve stayed in alpha testing (in-house). Betas should be more polished than this.

So many problems, bugs, glitches ive come across. One of the most unoptimised betas ive ever played.

From what i did manage to play, i loved. But that doesnt include the massive slowdowns I had, the 6 times I had to soft reset my ps3 and the issues with some of the game modes (particularly siege in co-op).

Thanks Naughty Dog but this shouldve been developed a little more before it reached beta phase. If it doesnt improve within a couple of days ill just wait for the full game. The UC2 beta ran far better than this.

Waddy1013442d ago

These problems aren't caused by issues with how the game is optimised. It's simply due to the fact that so many people are going on it due to it being open to literally everyone.
Wait till tomorrow and then re-consider your views.

2fk3443d ago

it's a little disappointing with all the lagging and freezing however it's a beta so this is no surprise but i just played like 2 flawless matches i think they kind of fixed it =)

arizona-techgeek3443d ago

Disappointing is a good word to use here.

rjdofu3442d ago

How about using expected instead?

bwazy3443d ago

Games working for me as of now.... Honestly, I just dinged rank 7 and im starting to get bored.... I dono...

Does anyone else thing that the game feels a little more "heavy" than UC2?

leogets3443d ago

so many wingy bastards out there that cant wait to moan at the devs after putting so much hard work into their product for us. unapreciative cunts,if i was a dev id be super pissed that i chosen this proffesion now. people these days are utterly stupid and the likes of twitter makes it possible for these dumb immature mugs to say what they want. end all facebook and twitter websites. whos up for that? ;)

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