Shacknews' PlayStation 3 Buyer's Guide

Shacknews has published an article on November 2 with a table to compare all four SKUs of PS3 (60GB, 80GB, 20GB, and 40GB,) and recommends the most sensible model to buy.

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Zhuk4867d ago

Zhuk's PS3 Buying Guide: You're better off getting a 360, it has a cheaper price, better games with better graphics and gameplay, better online service and a better controller.

If you have not upgraded consoles yet or own a Wii, it's time to Jump In.

the worst4867d ago (Edited 4867d ago )

online is not better a whole lot of lag
better games like what halo 2.5 look just like halo 2
only new boards added
red ring
psn is better than xbl=xboxlag
and psn is free with an internet brower
ps3 better games this holiday
shall i go on

Rama262854867d ago

This is a PS3 only thread about people who have decided to buy a PS3 and aren't sure of which one to buy. Why did you have to come in here with your pointless comment to try start a flame war? I respect your opinions, but unfortunately they're only you're opinions and not facts and therefore not everyone is going to agree with you. Does your console really need you working to try and get new customers? I bet you don't even get commission. How pointless.

supermandead6664867d ago

Leave him be, he just a troll.

AllanWakker4867d ago (Edited 4867d ago )

*RRoD 40 percent failure rate

* 60 dollar disc destroying/scratching drives

* Jet engine loud drive and fans

* Forced to pay 50 dollars a year for the privilege of playing games online - add 200-250 dollars to the price

* Crappy online service - no dedicated servers, the infamous Xbox P2P lag in games like Gears of War, Halo 3

* Crappy online game sizes - only 8 players max for Gears of War, only 16 players max for Halo 3

* Stupid Dreamcast style controller

* Gimped disc storage format - only 7 gigs. The first console ever to have less storage than a previous gen

* No next gen movie playback - no BluRay movie support

* Dead in 2/3 of markets - dead in Japan, dying in Europe

Golly, who wouldn't want to "Jump In" to such a fine console as the Dreamcast 360?

dhammalama4867d ago

Thanks for the tip. My friend wants to get a gaming console and he's also interested in HD movies. It's important for him to keep it wireless 'cause he doesn't want cords running throughout his living room. What should I tell him to pick up, and how much will it cost?

thereapersson4867d ago

You should tell him to get a PS3 then. Because with the XBOX 360, you have to buy a 100 dollar Wireless adaptor for wireless internet, a 149 dollar HD-DVD drive to play HD movies in a losing format (HD-DVD).

So by your friend's standards, this is what we're up against:

349.99 for the 360 (the only real one you need to buy, anyway)
99.99 for the Wireless adaptor (microsoft proprietary technology and all
149.99 for the HD-DVD drive
14.99 for the play and charge kit if you don't want to keep using batteries
49.99 a year for XBOX live gold service so you can play games online

so meeting your friend's criteria, you actually have to spend MORE on the 360 than the PS3. Now, if he wants to have less features and he finds most of what I have listed unnecessary (like wireless and HD movie playback), the XBOX is pretty good value.

TheMART4867d ago (Edited 4867d ago )

@ dhammalama

You should advice him to buy a 360 Premium, because of the best games on it. You should advice him to connect an external HDD that he has probably laying around to get HD movies on and get it plugged into the 360. Or just stream it from his PC.

The PS3 is no option, as it has BluRay discs that can scratch, BluRay could be the next Betamax = no movies at all in the future anymore, plus: if he wants games, he doesn't want to buy a pure cheap BluRay player, but the best gaming device out there: the 360

Wireless could be attached if he wanted, but wires don't have to run through the room nowadays. One time installation, fun forever. What's more important: to have the best games and the best way to watch movies without buying the next Betamax and get a wire to pull through a wall or the other way around?

Rama262854867d ago

You are so biased, it's untrue. I hope you get commission too.

Why a 360 premium? Why not an elite? Either way, they don't come with a wireless adapter, nor HD movie playback. He said it was important to have wireless and also he's interested in HD movies. Add those two and you're paying more than the PS3.

Also, you can easily stick an external hard drive to a PS3 (or just get any generic 2.5" internally) and also stream all his media from his PC - so don't make that sound like some special 360 feature.

And what is this junk about blu-ray discs scratching?? They have one of the best anti-scratch coating on the market - certainly way better than a DVD (which the 360 scratches just by reading it). Even if Blu-ray lost the console war (which there are no signs it will) he will still be able to get larger content games and uncompressed audio/gaming. Unlike if he gets the HD-DVD add-on, which wont be able to support anything but movies.

PS. The word is ADVISE and not ADVICE.

thereapersson4867d ago (Edited 4867d ago )

Hahaha Mart, you really ARE an idiot, aren't you?

Blu-Ray discs that scratch easily? Are you freaking kidding me? It's obvious from your point stated that you have never even held a blu-ray disc in your hands at all. The good thing about the format is the anti-scratch coating that ALL blu-ray discs mandate. Then again, if 360 games were on blu-ray, it wouldn't matter as the 360 would gouge them up so bad no matter what coating was put on them. And "One-Time Installation"? Installation of what? Suppose he doesn't want to spend the time and money to modify his home or nail stuff into the wall to install cabling? Seriously, just reading your post makes my head hurt!

Being a fanboy is one thing, but you take biased ignorance to a new level. I bet you're the only one who agreed with Zhuk's trolling...

Armyless4867d ago


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dhammalama4866d ago

I was honestly being sarcastic though. I don't have a friend who wants anything, and I have all 3 consoles already. I just wanted to see how zhuk could justify his statement about the cheaper price. Instead I got the Mart. But really THANKS for the replies, I appreciate it!

IMO getting the PS3 is the right move now. I think that there are enough games now to satisfy almost anyone for at least 4 or 5 months, and during that time their'll be many more released.

360 DOES have good games though, and it would be a shame to miss them, so IF you can you should get both.

Armyless4866d ago

The 3 disagreees you got means some people thought you were fake-baiting. (I just made that up but it sounds good).

I've seen people put [sarcasm] [/sarcasm] around their text to help but regardless you are right, both consoles do have a lot to offer.

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gamesR4fun4867d ago (Edited 4867d ago )

Anyone who can add will tell you once you buy a hd, a hd/dvd player wireless card a wireless remote and xbot live account you still dont have what a 399 ps3 can give you and you've spent a whack more money than the 80/g ps3.
B/R, bluetooth, the power of the cell, free online second to none and games that cant be done any other way. Not to mention rrod proof yep that right go ahead and play the crap out of it no worries.

IdontTakeSides4867d ago

there's so many reasons to get a PS3 but the main one...take a guess where im going with this..----------

NO RROD....thats right

Lightning Mr Bubbles4867d ago (Edited 4867d ago )

This is just another hit job on the PS3.

"If you can't wait any longer to watch Blu-ray movies or play games like The Eye of Judgment"

And again they have to find a way to try to downplay the best offer which is the 40GB. XBOTS feel threatened by that one.

AllanWakker4867d ago

First, who the hell would ever visit a pc game fanboy site like Shacknews for advice on buying a console?

Second, the 20 and 60 gig models are no longer are produced and aren't an option anymore outside of buying a used console or from some store that still has a few remaining models in stock.

40 gig PS3 - Plays all PS3 games, plays all BluRay movies PS1 BC, no PS2 BC
80 gig PS3 - Plays all PS3 games, plays all BluRay movies, PS1 BC, PS BC

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