The Halo Bulletin 6/28/11

A hug. A high-five. A gentle dropping of your shield. There are many different ways we greet each other, both verbally and physically, but I tend to prefer the simplest salutation. Not only is it short and sweet, but it also possesses my most favorite word characteristic ever—it consists solely of adjacent letters in the alphabet. There are very few such two-letter words, but the ones that exist are amongst the most used in my pint-sized vocabulary. My preferred welcome is one (Hi!), my response to almost every question is another (No!), and the third is an acronym we’ll get to soon. I would give you a hint, but my Magic 8 Ball said I should not, under any circumstance, tell you it starts with “T” and ends with “U”. So, we’ll move on for now, with a promise that I’ll update you later. Deal?

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Urmomlol3443d ago

God speed Bungie and good luck with your next project. Have confidence that 343 will pick up where you left and continue on with the Halo franchise with the love and care that you put into it over the years.

Or else.

Swiggins3442d ago

If 343 doesn't keep Halo the way it was meant to be, they're gonna find themselves gone in 10 Seconds Flat!