20 years of Sonic: A gamer remembers

Barry White writes:
"Never owning a SEGA gaming console until the late 1990's (my first systems were the Atari 7800 and original NES), the Sonic the Hedgehog character never had much of an impact on my gaming. He and his games, though, did have an effect on me as a gamer as I matured from a gaming youth of the 80's and 90's into a gaming adult of today."

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Fleetfiend3438d ago

A little too personal to be a good read (from an outside source like myself), and there is a pretty big typo.

Other than that, nice recollection. ;)

TheSoundDefense3438d ago

I was a Sonic kid for sure, even though my favorite console was a Nintendo. I was playing Sonic 2 before there was a Sonic 3, and even got my hands on the comics.

Tuxmask553438d ago

I remember the cartoons. I never really got into the games, though.