Uncharted 3 Beta Gameplay Part 1

Part 1 of a series of beta footage.

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TheBeast3087d ago (Edited 3087d ago )

The beta is awesome.
@below: I agree, out of the blue it started freezing up i was like wTH?

3086d ago
I_find_it_funny3086d ago

dont post fail videos showing that you have no idea how to play

cobra43086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

I love it so far. It froze up on me twice in the beginning but I've been playing without a whole lot of trouble for a while

GunofthePatriots3087d ago

would be nice to play without it freezing

TripleAAARating3087d ago

yep same problem here, now I can't even sign into PSN

femshep3087d ago

you can't least i know it isn't just me now

LOGICWINS3086d ago

Yeah same here, I can't sign in for some reason.

Fox013086d ago

Guys download the European beta. For some reason I haven't encountered any since I started playing it.

McEvan3087d ago

Same old same old, Single Player is what I'm waiting for.

McEvan3086d ago

Its the truth fanboy.

sackb0y3086d ago

i agree with evan. Single player is where uncharted shines. playing this feels exactly like uc2. online is all about tubes and spaming gernades and its that way with this one also. Alot of people buy uncharted for the movie like single player.

rjdofu3086d ago

Lol, calling me a fanboy? Because i like the same game as you?

No doubt that uc3 single player is its strongest point, but this is a freaking beta for **** sake. Beta is about multiplayer. And there is no damn truth about UC3 multiplayer is the same old because ND has spends years to improve it.
All i can say is, play it before judging it. This is a beta article. Don't like multiplayer, then GTFO.

McEvan3086d ago

Calm down buddy. I'm not talking about bugs or anything im talking about general game play nothing has changed since the second one. If you would like a hug I will give you one.

sackb0y3086d ago

what did they improve then? besides the call of duty like customizing. I still think i will like multiplayer on this but dont see gameplay improvements. we will see in november

rjdofu3086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

Ok mate, apologize for being a bit aggressive. However, it's not like your arguments are strong or whatever (lol is there even one?). So get off your hight horse. And nothing has changed? Lol dude, no offense, but i don't think you even touch the beta yet.

@sackb0y: Wanna see what's actually changed in stead of sitting there and claiming stuffs from things you watched in the trailer? Go here:

You haven't played it then you have no right to say nothing's improved.

sackb0y3086d ago

I have played the beta and i love the plane level.Add my psn to see. I don't think its bad just not a crazy improvement like uc to uc2. Even in that article I don't see alot of gameplay upgrades more of menu stuff. all i saw was sniper fixed, spam grenades better, and cinematic melee. And rjdofu I played the game way before the trailer.

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Mr Tretton3087d ago

Was getting MAJOR lag, but hey, glad they're having a beta

fatalis953087d ago

it crasshed about 6X but now its been fine for now

TheCampfireSong3086d ago

I think with live data, they're able to patch things on the fly without the need for us to download the patch. I hope thats how it works :S

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