Gamers, Let’s Stop Hating Each Other

Kotaku: "The video game world is constantly growing, and so is the video game audience. More and more games are being developed for the casual gaming audience, and while some people think this is a good thing, some people don't. Commenter GunFlame: used Steal *nothing to Steal* :( is sending out a call for unity, reminding us we're "all gamers, and that's all that matters."

Is it wrong to ask for unity amongst gamers? Is it too naive to believe that the same group that desire maturity and acceptance for their passion, can maturely accept those who have other preferences?"

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Madusha3446d ago

Nice article, good read. Unfortunately, I doubt this will ever happen =(

Gunshot3446d ago

After reading this, I am ready to give out some hugs, who's with me?

SuperKing3446d ago

I like the fact the PC is almost out of the inner circle. *hint hint* lol