Used Video Games: A right or the downfall of the industry? | The Controller Online

Scott at The Controller Online writes: "It seems that every time this issue is about to die, something comes along and re-ignites the debate. Publishers want you to forget that an unlock code now comes with your game, and a large portion of the community is willing to overlook this, but they manage to keep bringing it up."

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LOGICWINS3440d ago

I love getting games used. I save TONS of money. Just the other day I was at Gamechamp and they were selling GTA: San Andreas for $3 without the case. I look up and I see the same game for $20 brand new lol.

zero_gamer3440d ago

I buy a lot of games used too. I don't give a sh!t about supporting certain companies in the industry anymore. I have been buying at least 4 new games a month for years and all I am hearing from the devs is a bunch of sobbing and throwing excuses why their games suck by blaming it on used games and piracy.

I am going to feed the wail machine even more.

Soldierone3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

Put it this way. Whats the number one selling game right now and keeps selling better and better with every adaption? Call of Duty. What game doesn't have an online unlock code sitting in the box? Call of Duty. What game has a high number of used game sales, yet hasn't been hurt by it? Call of Duty.

Make a good game (or in this case, remake a decent game) and people will buy it. End of story. Game prices are high. Nobody except the developers wanted the 60 dollar price tag, and now they are so angry at used game sales....its the fact people can't afford to pay 70 dollars (it comes out to 72 dollars with tax when i buy a new game here) for multiple games a month, so they only buy the GOOD ones. Notice when Amazon and several retailers drop the price on new games to 35 to 40 dollars, sales sky rocket again? They should of never raised it to 60, its their own fault, and now we the consumer have to suffer.

I was going to buy DC Universe, but the simple fact one disc is tied to your account turned me away. What if I don't like it? Any game that combats used games turns me away. I have turned down Dragon Age 2, Bulletstorm, and several others simply due to the dumb codes. Dragon Age 2 being the worse because you don't know exactly what is being locked out unless you look it up, and its not even an online based title....

Personally I think Mass Effect and Alice 2 did things right. Buy it new and you get a code to unlock DLC in ME, with Alice you buy it new and you get Alice 1. Without that, it doesnt break the core game at all. It doesn't even take away online components, it just takes away BONUS content. Even Sony is doing things right, buy their games new and get a beta for the next upcoming game...Of course this would require effort from the developers end, so that wont work for everyone.

Peaceful_Jelly3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

Dude, the difference in price between a used game and a new one at Gamestop is less than 4 dollars... You can pay those 3 more dollars and fully support the industry or you can save those 3 dollars and help Gamestop make more profit.

And COD is a bad example. That game is not even that good, it is an anomaly.

Soldierone3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

Thats if you are buying a game while its still at its peek and don't have anything to push it lower. Gamestop rewards, trade in towards a used title, and so on add up at Gamestop and save tons of money. Used game prices drop WAY faster than new games. However i've never personally purchased or seen a used game for 3 dollars less...the closest ive seen has been 10.

Plus why go to gamestop? Go to Gamestaq, or Amazon, or somewhere else where used games are actually discounted. They are not specifically attacking Gamestop, they are attacking EVERYTHING.

Edit: You are using an old game that buying new wouldn't even do anything anyways at this point...we are talking about newer titles, as thats all the developers care about. Once a game goes below 40, people will buy it (like i noted in my previous comment)

LOGICWINS3440d ago

Yes, but Gamestop isn't the only place to get used games. Go to Gamechamp, Ebay, Amazon, and Craigslist. The differences can be MUCH bigger than a couple of dollars.

Solidus187-SCMilk3440d ago

Alot of people also will trade in games and use the credit to buy new games as well. devs make money from the used game market when people use their credit to buy new games. If you think about it this actually happens alot with preorders and people who buy games right away after they come out.

Dark_Overlord3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

Just a quick mention, the DC Universe disc isn't tied to your account. You can buy a 2nd hand copy and purchase the subscription time off the PSN and it will work :)

Just found the old link I read about it confirming it :)

5119ent3440d ago

i buy new and used..i like the option i usually dont buy games that dont give me that option

frelyler3440d ago

I think the problem lies in Gamestop making huge profits from used games the way they do. If they were to operate more along the lines of Goozex I do not think used game sales would be such an issue. Whether people want to believe it or not Gamestop is ripping off the consumer more than they are the game companies. They offer you $7 for a game and turn around and sell it for $40. Then they get your money for anything else you may buy with your trade in. It is people's own fault for letting some one rape them so badly. Amazon and Goozex are the way to go, it's just that they require patience. Gamestop satisfies that instant gratification that we humans love so much and that is why they have survived by raping it's customers wallets. I think part of the problem lies in unoriginal games as well. All the big companies want to make the next COD and try to emulate things from that to make a game. If you borrow from something enough and saturate the market enough why would anyone buy new when all the games are the same. Anything original gets slammed for not being COD, and in the reviews they state it's weaknesses, all of which COD possesses in spades, but never gets marked down for. I have said it before and I will say it again, gaming going mainstream has completely ruined it and stifled any originality and creative risks, that is what drove the industry in the 90's and now it's a far cry from that. Only recently have I noticed companies taking more risks and it's nothing short of refreshing.

consolez_FTW3440d ago

Used games have been on store shelves forever. If it was that big a deal it would of been dealt with years ago. I don't buy used games but some people have to. Companies have millions of dollars, some families barely have enough money to buy new games...jeez.. some companies should lay off a bit.

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