Top 5 Reasons Halo is Popular

Original Gamer: "10 years ago, Halo was unleashed onto gaming public and has sold millions along with earning multiple critic awards. What spurred this rabid popularity? These are the Top 5 Reasons Halo is Popular."

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bwazy3441d ago

It was fun and it still is. Maybe its taken ALOT more seriously now.... which is fine I suppose, but takes away ALOT of the enjoyability.

harlem_v13441d ago

I hope the Halo Anniversary game brings back all that classic fun. Nah it'll be probably filled with bunch of griefers.

captain-obvious3441d ago

MS spends more money advertising it stuff more than making it

and im not a mac fan but this is a really spot-on

StanLee3441d ago

Loved Halo Reach but I still play Halo 3. The formula is just great but honestly, I enjoy the world of Halo. The Halo lore is pretty deep.

ilikegam3s3441d ago

Halo 3 was waaaaaaayyy better than Halo: Reach imo. But yeah I still play Reach, not as much as Halo 3 tho (total play time)

Shok3441d ago

The main reason is because it's so accessible. Anybody can jump in and play Halo.

bwazy3441d ago

Sure, but play it well? Eh maybe.

KeiserSosay47883441d ago

Completely disagree...
Halo 3 was probably one of the most fully featured and balanced MP games of ALL time. It was crazy how good the online was in that game. And unlike blops, among the higher tiers of players, you had absolutely no chance of beating those guys because Halo requires consistency and skill. Both of which aren't a part of the COD series

Shackdaddy8363441d ago

I rock at CoD but suck at Halo. IDK if it's just me, but I think Halo actually requires effort to be really good.

Sony3603441d ago

Don't forget it wrote the book on how to make an FPS work well on a console, as well as introduced many features that are used into days FPS, like regenerating health and the weapon system.

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Laxman2163441d ago

Actually, Halo is not very accessable. Call of Duty is the game series that is only popular because of its accessability, whereas Halo involved a fair amount of skill.

ilikegam3s3441d ago

Halo u need communication and teamwork. CoD on the other hand.. it ummm, well... spray and pray :D :P lol

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firemassacre3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

i dont know, its average. in my opinion

XRider3441d ago

After reading your comment history I can see why you would say that.

firemassacre3441d ago

you took the time to read my comment history?


TXIDarkAvenger3441d ago

GTFO Sony Fanboy .

Why r u even here giving ur opinion when you don't even own a single halo game, or better yet even care?

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tawak3441d ago

NUMBER 6.... "They have nothing else."

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