Video Game Addiction: Myth or Reality?

MMGN user writes: Does video game addiction exist? Is it a real social issue or a myth created by do-gooders and conservatives? As a gamer, I find these to be very real questions that are well worth exploring.

What is it about video games that keep us coming back for more? It is that pure adrenaline rush felt when you get that frag, pwn that noob or unlock that item. It is that feeling when you unwrap your newly purchased game, reverently feeding the disc to your ps3. The system whirs and you settle in to what is going to be a solid gaming session. Essentially, gaming can be seen to have a drug effect. Getting your fix can consist of unlocking that in game achievement, taking your WRX for a spin around Nuremburg or reaching 100% completion in whatever game it is you have been working on. We are all looking for that rush. The same rush we felt as youngsters when we saw sonic tear up the TV screen for the first time.

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