EA: Rutter incorrect, FIFA 12 to have all MLS teams

In an interview with News10 Game Guys Barry White during the 2011 E3 Expo, FIFA 12's Lead Line Producer David Rutter said on-camera that the game will feature most -- but not all -- Major League Soccer teams. A statement given to News10 by EA Sports on Tuesday says that Rutter was incorrect.

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TheSoundDefense3446d ago

That's just how some people talk, I suppose; they use some terms that are catch-alls, just in case they're not 100% true. I do that. Then again, I'm not asked for official statements very often.

b163o13446d ago

Who plays with MLS teams in FIFA?????

Yi-Long3446d ago

... personally, I'd like to see the japanese national team in Fifa, as they have a great selection right now.

Tuxmask553446d ago

As an American, yes I do play as MLS clubs. And I don't see why the Japanese national team should be left out of FIFA.

iWishTifaWasReal3445d ago

also an option to switch to female teams.
thats not a bad thing, i swear if EA or Konami or other developers out there who are planning to make a football game.

include an optional gender selection. Your game will receive good feedbacks from us (the media, people, reviewers)

iWishTifaWasReal3445d ago

Montreal Impact better be there