GamersFirst Congratulate Activision About World of Warcraft in a Leaked Email

GamersFirst CEO Joshua Hong congratulate Activision on taking a big step to join the Free to Play revolution with World of Warcraft in a Leaked Email.

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Alos883084d ago

Can you keep playing after you reach level 20, or does the game demand you either purchase a subscription or stop playing?

ATiElite3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

Well that's the MMO format now a days. F2P!

WOW is a AAA title so F2P to level 20 is great. gives you a real sense of the game and buy then you will want to spend money.

I like this format instead of some F2P games that nickel and Dime you to death

SuperSaiyan43084d ago

I read over at IGN that even after reaching level 20 you can keep playing for free but you cannot progress past this level thus having to pay. I recently cancelled my membership I have a level 85 Death Knight with cataclysm gear some of them EPIC items. However me being stupid I even purchased the latest new mount of £17 lol then cancelling my membership a week later >.< the game has just gotten boring and along with the sheer number of kids on that game kinda ruined it for me with their insults etc.

radphil3084d ago

I know this is kinda a side thing, but they should give grats to Blizzard, not Activision. -_-