How I made the Icy Bitch Queen of the Universe, or: My Renegade FemShep Mass Effect Reflections

After playing Mass Effect 1 & 2 so long ago, I'm confronted with the chance to replay these titles. I can't decide how to make the tough Renegade decisions without ruining the memory of my noble Paragon character, until I create a female character and accidentally unleash an evil Space Queen upon the universe!

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NovusTerminus3438d ago

The Male Shepard looks kinda creepy in this picture...... Just saying...

kamakaz3md3438d ago

i wish people would realise deus ex 3 is gonna be sicker then
me3... deus ex was around first n it was a gateway for games like ME...

JoePrime3438d ago

I totally agree, but at the same time disagree. I see Deus Ex as WAAAAY more serious then Mass Effect personally.

Mass Effect is more like a "Star Wars" epic with funny side characters, romantic plots, serious plots, all in one huge package. Whereas Deus Ex is more streamlined into one very detailed storyline that takes itself much more seriously.

Both series are amazing, and I've put lots of hours into them both, but I definitely see a drastic difference in the two that I think allows them to both coexist while both being awesome.

However, if you're looking for which one has better RPG elements then it's Deus Ex hands down IMO.

kamakaz3md3437d ago

deus ex just deserves more hype, only thing sellin ME is the title...