Point & Click The Second Guest Announced gets news of yet another Meridian4 title to be released by this year. The Second Guest is a point & click adventure game that will be coming out in several episodes, available as a PC exclusive this fall.

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Solid_Dave3443d ago

Alright they REALLY need to get someone with a more intimidating voice to do the trailer. With that guy, it makes me think I'm watching some fan made trailer for a horror movie on Youtube.

Daavpuke3443d ago

Really? I thought it made it sound like a comedy. No, seriously, I thought it was fairly hilariously bad :P. I chuckled at least. I think a bigger 'issue' though is that they could've gone with a less confusing name than this, which always reminds me of the classic "The Seventh Guest".

nilamo3442d ago

Wow that a was a really bad teaser.