UnchartedTV - Multiplayer Beta Gameplay Tutorial

JI writes: "Naughty Dog saw fit to serve gamers with a tutorial guiding you through everything you need to know for Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception multiplayer beta experience including the new Buddy system and how it works with Treasure which leads to unlockable content. We are also given a thorough run-through on how to use Paid Boosters before the start of every match and the new Facebook integration in the game."

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SpaceSquirrel3443d ago

Great video. Explained a lot of stuff about the beta.

Hitman07693443d ago

I am having a lot of fun in this so far. Can't wait for the full thing and I'm glad they put a Free For All mode in.

bjh0893443d ago

get the beta fixed first lol all sorts of problems


Facebook integration is really cool.

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