Game Publishers Want to Murder Used Game Sales

"It’s no big secret that publishers and developers don’t appreciate the used games market – and why should they? When a game is turned in to a retailer that takes trade-ins such as GameStop the profits earned from turning those games around and putting them back on shelf are not going to publishers or developers. It’s direct profit for the retailers and a good deal for consumers who just saved money on a game they would have had to otherwise pay full price on. On the other hand though publishers and developers don’t get to rake in those sweet sweet profits to put towards their next big title that’s going to blow your socks off, right?"

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Quagmire3442d ago

Murder is a crime, they should be jailed for what they're doing.

Desert Turtle3443d ago

My socks have been blown off, good sir.

pondaboba3443d ago

Yeah I sort of agree with this. And something else the article didn't mention but I've always considered... Make better games so people won't want to trade them in.

Moduserous3443d ago

True enough. I didn't want to be venemous about it but I can see your point. Example - I never trade in Halo games. I love 'em!

Legion3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

"Make better games so people won't want to trade them in." Point well made. Make a game well enough and they will keep the game in their collection. A game that can be played and enjoyed over and over again is what will keep you in the money. And it will draw a following to those that want the next chapter of the game.

On another point, if it comes down to 2 items on the shelf offering similar games and one game has the option for me to resale the game if I wish and the other limits the resale value. Well lets say that the resaleable item is going to look more attractive.

RoboRyan3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

As someone who often buys used games, this is troubling to me. The games that I do pick up new are usually part of a franchise I'm already a fan of, or from developers whose work I've enjoyed in the past. It's my way of making sure I support people who've put in a lot of work to give me high quality entertainment. I understand where publishers are coming from and I wish there was a way they'd get some kind of compensation for those sales instead of it all going straight into the pocket of retailers. As you mentioned though, this is just how the market for many used products operates. I resent that any company is trying to interfere with me selling a game I purchased. Once I've paid for it, it's my property. As long as I'm not engaing in any illegal activity, I should be entitled to do whatever I want with it, same as if I lent a friend a book.

I don't advocate piracy, but I fear this is the route a lot of people may go if this becomes common practice for games.

*Edited for a spelling error.

Jack-Dangerously3443d ago

Well said, and intelligent. +bubbles regardless if you agree or disagree.

Sprudling3442d ago

You are entitled to do whatever you want with it, but so are the developers that create it. If they want to reward the consumers who actually dump money into the gaming industry (read: those who buy it new) then that's their choice. The only thing you can do is boycott, but that doesn't hurt them any more than you buying it used anyway.

Vortex3D3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

Is Capcom also saying even you don't sell your game, you are only allowed for one fresh playthrough? This also means when you buy a new game, you better not let you sibling or friend touch your game because once they started the game, you cannot start a new game fresh.

FlintGREY3443d ago

Just another dumb decision from Crapcom that they'll eventually axe like they did with SF4:AE for pc.

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