RipTen Review: Jamestown – Legend of the Lost Colony - Fires On All Cylinders

RipTen: Jamestown is a shmup created by Final Form Games that fires on every cylinder you could possibly want a shmup to fire on. It is almost patently unbelievable that this is the very first game released by Final Form, as its level of polish is higher than an entire bucket of zrazy.

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SpaceSquirrel3441d ago

Haven't heard of this game before. Now I'm interested.

xPhearR3dx3441d ago

Same here. Lack of online multiplayer kind of sucks though.

jaredhart3441d ago

Sounds interesting. A 9.5 mean i'll have to give it a look!

Hitman07693441d ago

Hell yeah definitely warrants a look now.

LightFantastic3441d ago

It's honestly one of the better shmups I've played in the last decade. More accessible than a lot of the crazier manic/bullet hell games, but still damn difficult in the end.