Augmented Reality: Gimmick? Or the Future of Gaming?

Let's be honest, so far there really aren't any games showing good use of the technology. So is Augmented Reality more of a gimmick? In this article we'll look at what developers are currently doing with AR, as well as what the future might hold for it. Will it actually prove to be a useful technology? Or just fade away as another silly idea? Read on and be sure to give your opinion!

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pain777pas3443d ago

It depends on what your referring to. Game worlds can be better explored and gameplay options can expand with this sort of thing. Not a gimmick in the right devs hands. Beware of Rockstar who could make the most immersive GTA game with this sort of tech. I am not talking about seeing your living room but sort of using the vita to explore a world in first person like in hot shots golf and using the sticks to move around and interact with the environment. That would be the next step in immersion. Just imagine the possibilities in a game like oblivion, ME or Skyrim.

MasterCornholio3443d ago

Depends on how its implemented. If its like the 3DS where its only a few simple apps (shooting cards for example) then its a gimmick. But if its like reality fighters or SmartAss where it turns the world into the playing ground then no.

StbI9903442d ago

if they can ever make a way to inmerse us in the game through a AR glasses? then yeah, count me, if no, no...

Cloudberry3442d ago

But does PS Vita have Smart AR?

I read previews that some of the included AR games such as Reality Fighters & Wipeout 2048 still have AR cards...

Unless I'm mistaken.