Have Developers Lost Their Imagination?

MMGN user writes: As years go by, technology continues to grow at a very rapid rate. In only the past few years, we have seen new technology, as well as updates to old technology. This new era of technology has had a great effect on Video Games. The inclusion of motion controls, 3D gaming and the quality in graphics has improved massively in the past 10 or so years. Though it seems that game developers have lost any original ideas they once had.

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Venox20083446d ago

many = yes...but when some others do make something creative, people just dont buy it :/

meday3543446d ago

One word, yes! Every game developer want to copy uncharted or the call of duties and the gta's and also metal gear even dead space. Its being a while since i played a game that didnt felt or played like a game i never played before like uncharted 2, dead space those games blow me to pieces! I was like fuck these games are two of best games i ever played since metal gear solid 1 super metroid and pitfall the mayan adventure on the genesis those games made me feel happy to be a gamer. NOW EVERY ONE WANT TO BE LIKE!