Capcom Misprints X360 SSFIV Arcade Edition Box Art

I'm not going to harp too long on my mention of the IGN logo on the Okami Wii box art, but these snafus need to stop happening. Capcom, on their official blog, have discovered that some of the Xbox 360 version of Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition was incorrectly labelled.

~ Nick Tan,

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stormeagle63443d ago

Woo. A new cover to print out for your game. Woo.

dbjj120883443d ago

Fuck that, send me a cover Capcom.

chaos-lockheart3443d ago

lol after 15 years, this new non open version is going to sell a lot

WetN00dle693443d ago

lol, funny how he quickly mentioned that the new cover will be available to the PS3 fans as well.........i wonder why?

KonigNxt3443d ago

Double win for PS3 owners. Yeeeeeeay

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The story is too old to be commented.