Portal In Halo: Reach Is Jaw Dropping

There are plenty of very clever uses of Halo's Forge Mode, but one user has taken the time to recreate Portal in Halo: Reach. The results are spectacular!

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Shackdaddy8363443d ago

Cool but I would rather play Portal. Lol.

Solid_Malone3443d ago

Thats pretty amazing. I applaud the creator and the engine!

Guitarded3443d ago

Quite creative. Golf clap.

Godmars2903443d ago

I'm making a note here, "Huge success."

IHateYouFanboys3443d ago

holy bejeezus......

i knew Forge was awesome but this is just insane. mega kudos to whoever figured out how to do this.

again, this shows how far ahead of the curve Bungie are with their engines.

ManBearPork3443d ago

You do realise he can't shoot portals right?
They just spawn at a certain time and he times it right in the video.

kaveti66163443d ago

I was wondering how he did it.

That's a good hypothesis.

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