Let Me Tell You Something, Reggie

Pixel Apocalypse: Lately I’ve been thinking about what Reggie told us at E3. And you know what? He’s wrong. I know he ended up making a point about doing something for everyone, but beneath all that I got the slightest hint of bitterness from it. Like he was almost complaining. Well let me tell you something, Reggie. I think you’re a little confused about what gamers actually want. So how about I break it down for you a little better? Sound good? Too bad, I’m going to anyway.

NOTE: This article is meant to provide a serious point with a bit of humorous silliness. If you don't like humor, don't read it.

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bwazy3440d ago

Good read, valid points

I approve and agree.

Dramscus3440d ago

I second that motion.
Heartily agree and all such mutterings.

I thought that You want old but new comfortable but surprise bit Reggie spouted to be kind of odd as well.

curtis_boy3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

she never played the damn thing after the first week

ChickeyCantor3440d ago

thats cause you bought it for yourself.
your "sister" is your alter ego.

Liuqahs153439d ago

literally the greatest comment ever posted anywhere ever without a doubt.

mike1up3440d ago

Nice Article.

I have to admit that i have mixed feelings tho. Dont get me wrong, I dont need a gaming console that does anything but play good games. However, if the Wii U doesnt bring "something" new to the table then it wont sell (atleast not like its suppose to). Without the flashy controller, and the "all gamers welcome" approach, nobody but nintendo fans will buy the Wii U. Even casual gamers have options these days. Nintendo knows what theyre doing, and they know that they must start converting ps3/360 fans.

Takoulya3440d ago

I agree with what you said, but honestly, what kind of real PS3/360 FAN will actually switch sides to Nintendo? I think people have learned that gimmicks don't equal fun because of the Wii. I'm not bashing on Wii games, since there are a lot of good ones, but most of them didn't even really utilize motion controls. The smart consumer knows that the Wii U is even near the hardware potential of the current times, and that since the next console generation is around the corner, it would be best to hold out for the PS4 and the next XBOX, provided, of course, they they are fans of the respective consoles. I do believe that the controllers will pull a few people in, but I don't believe that it's actually enhancing the gaming experience at all.

mike1up3440d ago

Yea, i think you're right about true ps3/360 fans jumping ship. Although if Nintendo and 3rd party developers are able to use the extra screen in the controller to completely rid the tv screen of all game menus and extras, that could be a game changer. Developers could devote much more time to what we are viewing on screen, and move all the menus/interfaces to the controller.

Takoulya3440d ago

Yeah, that was one really good thing about the extra screen I noted. A lead developer at DICE was talking about how they could use the extra screen as sort of a commander's control, since placing airstrikes and giving orders would be much easier with the touch screen.