Uncharted 3 Beta Back up and Running

Naughty Dog has announced some news that will get every Uncharted 3 fan excited.



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2fk3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

im going to try it out now hope its back on for real!!! =D

Edit: It's up; enjoy!!!!

TheBeast3685d ago

Works for me! Let the battle begin!

SoulMisaki3685d ago

It just keeps saying "Searching for players"

MrBeatdown3685d ago

Same problem for me. I got in, and it can't find other players. I left it for a while and it froze.

metsgaming3685d ago

yea i dont get error messages but it says finding players and nothing happens so i guess ill wait =(

MidnytRain3685d ago

I'm growing weary. I can't even find any players. It's ironic that games that have betas run into these problems more than anything else.

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2fk3685d ago

yup it just froze on me =/

saladthieves3685d ago

It's up, but I've been searching for a match for 20 minutes...NO LUCK :(

FriedGoat3685d ago

This Game is freezing my PS3 constantly, i cant even access the XMB, i've died and not been able to respawn several times. This is why they call it a beta! i'll be happy once i can complete at least 1 game without my ps3 dying.

3685d ago
purple1053685d ago

Working for me. Lag-free and awesome! Hope you all have luck getting on because you're missing out!

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Hitman07693685d ago

Yepp working for me. Kicks ass.

montyburns0003685d ago

why don't you go write an article about it.....

Dart893685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

I was able to get in :D.

Edit:I can't find any matches:(.

@below el dorado has a point guess i'll go eat sumthing in the mean time as more players sign in.Happy killing everyone:D.

LiViNgLeGaCY3685d ago

Man I cannot WAIT to start playing this!

HK63685d ago

Now if only I could find a game of Team Deathmatch...

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The story is too old to be commented.