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TGR give White Knight Chronicles 2 a run for its money, and discover it's not one to win over JRPG sceptics.

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ZombieAssassin3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

I just bought the first one today and I'm liking it so far my only complaint is the battle's are so slow but from what I hear they made them a little faster in WkC2, can't wait till it's released in the USA.

Yea I know it does but this way I can give my WkC1 disc to a friend when I get the second and we can play the online portion of the first one together.

IRetrouk3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

you should have imported euro copy of wkc 2, it comes with the first game on the disk for free.

oh ok, have to admit the game is actualy better than i thought it would be.

Redempteur3443d ago

actually don't import .. the EU version ( like the jap version ) is tied to the region making playing an imported version ONLINE a pain in the *ss

FamilyGuy3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

WKCs1 and the version of WKCs1 on the WKCs2 disc have different battle mechanics. Because of that two people playing on the separate versions of the game CAN'T go on quest together or even join the same geo.

All you can do in-game online with each other is read message board topics and each others adventure logs.

Lovable3443d ago

Can't wait for this game!!!

Fullmetalevolust3443d ago

It looks like it plays sort of like FF12, am I wrong?
I got no excuse, I guess I could look at a youtube vid haha, nothing a good ol' N4g explanation tho lol

FamilyGuy3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

Never played FF12 but it's a mix of an action and turn based fighting.

It's "turn-based" in that you have to wait for a circle to fill between consecutive attacks. It's similar to waiting a turn.

It's action because the enemies roam the map real time and choosing to fight with them is basically like choosing to lock-on to a target. You can run pass and ignore many enemies if you want but if you get too close they might notice you and attack you regardless but you can just keep running till you get far enough out of their range so they stop chasing you, loose interest or can't attack you.

At the bottom of the screen you have 3 bars consisting of 21 slots to have attacks or magic in and a fourth bar that holds the equipment, items, knight transformation options, for you if you choose to do those thing in battle.

Fullmetalevolust3441d ago

Thank you for a great explanation, I'll pick it up as soon as it comes out, Im in dire need of Jrpg's!

WildArmed3441d ago

yes, minus the gambit system.
It's pretty similar.
You don't go to a 'battle' seqeunce when you fight mobs.
It's a pretty accurate description of the battle system.
Thou the skill system n how they work are different.

Fullmetalevolust3441d ago

Yeah, that's something I'm familiar with. Thanks.