Microsoft on Kinect: “Core gamers will come around”

Microsoft has confronted some of the criticism it has received from the press. Short answer? They aren’t worrying about it at all.

“I think it was as we expected,” explained Xbox senior product manager David Dennis. ”We showed amazing core game experiences and we showed great Kinect experiences. Both social/casual Kinect experiences as well as stuff like Rise of Nightmares and Ryse which we think are certainly going to appeal to the core.”

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sdtarm3443d ago

so they think they are actually delivering to the core?

you guys are deceiving :/

Agent-863443d ago

Microsoft on Kinect: “Core gamers will come around”. As my alter ego Maxwell Smart might say "I guess they're going for the old force it down their throats until they like it trick".

darthv723443d ago

the 360 relies on 3rd party support more than any other. Core titles will continue to be released for the 360 by 3rd parties as well as a few from MS. So the notion of core gamers will come around will be down to the 3rd parties and how they integrate the use of the kinect with the games geared towards that type of gamer.

MS never said they would be solely responsible for the 'core' support. Their only concern is making the system available to any and all with options the devs can use at their discretion.

I do like how they are not forcing the use but encouraging it through simple to complex means. Unlike many add-ons in the past that were released and then left to their own without support. Kinect is getting quite a bit of support in different genres of games.

Whether or not they are appealing to some is personal choice. Truth be told....I have seen some pretty 'core' dance central players out there. Just because it isnt hardcore to some doesnt mean it isnt hardcore to others.

We have yet to really get a solid definition of 'core' as it relates in general. All we have are interpretations on personal levels.

SilentNegotiator3443d ago

Core 360 gamers will come around after a few more half billions in marketing, when they realize they don't have much choi.....oh right, they do have a lot of choice, including a new console that is trying to reach that audience in 2012.

EVILDEAD3603443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

Microsoft didn't sell 10 Million Kinects with just this pretend 'casual' crowd.

Millions and millions of stand alone's sold (meaning existing customers) already bought and are playing are playing Kinect.

Micrsoft got it dead-on..the fickle press means nothing. Last year the news was Micrsoft lost E3..Kinect is too expensive..lag..lag..

Come launch it works..and has great broke records..look how much the 360 is selling..

This E3 the same tactics exist..and just like last year..log off the internet and the fan kid and fan blogger universe is meaningless.

The truth is OFFLINE gamers are gamers..they play 'hardcore' games and they also play 'Angry Birds'..they play by themselves online..and they play with family and friends..there no fake 'CORE' crowd..if you watch the gaming media before Kinect and after Kinect then you know exactly when this fake issue was formulated.

I say it all the time it's the guys that I know who are as hardcore 360 as it gets with ridiculous hours looged on Halo and at least 3 Prestiges per Call of Duty who since launch have the most achievements in Dance Central and Kinect Sports.

Kinect is a blast and is the go-to motion controls on the house for family and friends. But, I have been on this site and others in anticipation for Child of Eden since last E3 and that game alone showed how amazing Kinect can be with different experiences.

The reality is the hardcore for the 360 never left and never the millions upon millions of 360 gamers flock to Gear of War 3, Halo Anniversay, Modern Warfare 3, and Mass Effect 3. That is amongst the incredible Fall and Holiday line-up.

In fact I salute Microsoft for sticking to their guns..why wouldn't they..most of the people spending 90% of their existance complaining about Kinect don't even own a 360.


Hicken3443d ago

No millions and millions of anything. MS bundled the Kinect with 360s and then made that the only way you could buy the system. Right now, there are twice as many used Kinects in my store as new ones, because people bought it, hated it, and traded it in. OR because they didn't want one in the first place, but had no choice but to get one because they could only find a 360 with Kinect. Guess what: MS counts that as a sale.

3443d ago
EVILDEAD3603443d ago

@ Hicken...

Whose talking about the bundles? You are..I wasn't..Millions and millions of those sales stand-alone Kinect..and who cares if people traded it in..there are used PS3s in the stores too..does that meanthey hates the systems as that goes for anything used.

So what' your point? Do you want to pretend that there are 9 millions used Kinects in Gamestops? Bu-Bu-but they counted the Sony didn't count there bundles..The bundles are WHY Kinect and the Slim model have had a huge effect on selling 360s.


Hicken3443d ago

Um, given that I was actually selling the systems during the holidays, and you probably weren't... yeah...

For months, the only thing MS sent off to retailers was the 4GB Kinect bundle and the 250GB Kinect bundle. My store is located around two other gaming stores, a Target, a Best Buy, and a Toys R Us- all literally within five minutes of each other. And the case was the same in each of them. The case was the same in my entire company (GameStop, if you're wondering); we tried getting standalone systems shipped to our store, but no other stores had a sufficient amount (usually none) to send us any.

If you're speaking, instead, about the standalone I can count on one hand how many non-casual gamers came into that same area to purchase a Kinect. And I've only got five fingers.

It's fine if you want to BELIEVE that hardcore gamers intentionally contributed to the sales of Kinect, but I can refer you to roughly 30 people who would tell you otherwise, based on what they've sold to their own customers.

Good try, though.

captain-obvious3443d ago

they'll shove it down your throat tell you buy it
just like what they are doing right now

that what they mean by "will come around”

theIMP3442d ago

@ Hicken
You're trying too hard man. Evil is dead on and you are dead wrong. The only people I ever see complain about Kinect are PS3 only owners on N4g. Everyone I know that has tried Kinect at my house really liked it and had fun, again isn't that why we game? Fun? I know that’s why I do, not for internet bragging rights, but hell I’m just a gamer. I don't let a corporation control my gaming taste like the hoards on N4G. I play what I want to play, and guess what I can play anything. Owning the PS3, 360, Wii, PSP, DS, 3DS, PC, a ton of old consoles is the only way to go for me. I don't have to miss anything, so I don't have to come on here and say, "but the people I know don't like Kinect, It sucks, see I just proved it. What you don't believe me? Well at my GameStop store 3 people returned their Kinect, so see it really does suck all across America". I just don’t see how you can think that you have a valid, or even logical point. I guess that’s why you work at GameStop though huh? Kinect is here to stay, it does work, and I’m sure developers will find awesome ways to implement the tech into games. Stop hating for the sake of hating. If you PS3 is so high and might go play it and ignore Kinect. It won’t affect anything Sony does anyway right?

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TBM3443d ago

sorry microsoft but i'll never spend my hard earned money on this camera for on-rails, shovelware, and half-assed games.

my elite will do just fine without it.

malamdra3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

if there's one thing that commenters on this site have the authority to talk about is what core gamers want and here's two simple facts:

-core gamers will come around when you give them core games (and good ones that can't be played elsewhere)

-what makes a game core or casual is how it plays, not how it looks or what is it about (they can put all the gore, guts and F-bombs in the world in Rise of Nightmares and it will still be casual)

I guess that's too complicated for some people to understand

TheDivine3443d ago

I agree kind of. Kinect needs must play games that are kinect exclusives. Child of Eden is one but its playable with a controller also (although MUCH better w kinect). Steel Batallion is another coming and theres a few more. Its missing that must have experience. Maybe a diablo 3 like game or first person rpg like demon souls where u swing and blok yourself. The thing they need is a nav controller. An analoug stick only would do. Its great fun but dev need to jump in and makea jrpg, wrpg, dungean crawler ex. Also add to core games like me3. Its optional added in here and there to make it a better experience.

Rainstorm813443d ago

Where's all the people that were shouting "ARROGANCE" before??

Instead of delivering what the core wants, you guys are going to wait for us to "come around?"


firemassacre3443d ago

im 23 years old, im not a baby, i want hardcore games what the hell microsoft...DISNEYLAND?? REALLY??!

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BX813443d ago

Well when you have games like Ghost Recon with Kinect support then yes the core gamers will come around.

Just_The_Truth3443d ago

in GR the only thing your able to do is customize your guns and test them out, maybe they'll add on a mini game like with HP but that's not going to get people to come around to kinect, not until you can play an entire game with either kinect or the controller like CoE.

BX813442d ago

Then clearly you missed MS at E3. Like it or not, kinect has some core games on the way. Even if that's all you could do with Ghost Recon it would still be bad ass to have that feature.

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jidery3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

"Core gamers will come around" only if you release core games. Still have yet to see one.

Kran3443d ago

Thats not fully Kinect though.

We want "Kinect Only" core games. But we dont want those core games to replace anything thats usually controller based. For example, I dont want Halo 4 to suddenly just be for Kinect, although that wouldnt happen. Its either got to be a Halo spin off, or not a Halo game at all.

Biggest3443d ago

I don't see Child of Eden as a core game.

Focker4203443d ago

Just because it has beautiful visuals and alot of flashing lights doesn't make it a 'core' game.

EasilyTheBest3443d ago

Its not fully Kinect no but its defo better using Kinect than using the controller.

Oh and im not saying theres loads of games like this but Child of Eden is defo better with Kinect.

theIMP3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

Ok, does this logic work for Move as well? We need more Move only games, because so far they have what 2, 3? I want games for Move only or it doesn't count. I don't get ya'lls logic at all. If Kinect can add to the experience of ANY game,then it's worth it?I hear on here all the time how good Move is for FPS, but you can use a controller right. What’s the point then? Aren’t MS doing the same thing with Kinect. Adding it as an extra option? Ya'll change the rules, and move the lines too much to be taken seriously, besides the FACT that 90% of the people bashing Kinect don't even own a 360. Get over it, or go buy one yourselves, because no one is taking you seriously.

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swiftshot933443d ago

The pancreas produces Insulin.

Seventh_Blood_Reborn3443d ago

Maybe they think that repeating continuously it could convince gamers that Kinectmals is hardcore ... good luck with that!

Maybe with another 500 milions $ could work though XD

MidnytRain3443d ago

This sounds like, "FU, get over it."

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