Fancy List Time: Top Six Most Dateable Video Game Heroines

GP blogger Ordinary Gentleman writes, "Admit it, we’ve all been there. Seeing some video game lass and you begin appreciating them for more than their graphical modeling and impressive attack stats and becomes something a bit more. This list highlights the most dateable/likable gals in gaming, so without further ado; let the completely arbitrary ranking system begin."

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Queefy_B3440d ago

The one from bayonetta seems like someone you would want rampant sex with, but she doesnt seem at all the dateable type, far too up her own arse type of bird.

pixelsword3438d ago

None of them are datable.

They aren't real.


FlintGREY3438d ago

My thoughts exactly!!!!!!!!!

Etseix3438d ago

some people will feel bad after reading your comment.... then will grab a napkin

showtimefolks3438d ago

but if it could happen how could you miss the uncharted girls or mass effect miranda or the cheif girl for ME1 ashley johnson i think her name was