Uncharted 3 Beta Now Available But Unplayable

The Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Beta is now live worldwide but from the U.K itself, it's unplayable. Gamers upon reaching the main menu will hit an error.


Game still remains unplayable with lag issues and PS3's still freezing frequently and in need of a hard reset.

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Gamewiz_253679d ago

i was able to play one match then it ended up freezing on now it won't let me in

DERKADER3679d ago

Similar thing happened to me only I didn't even get to play a match. I was to busy looking at all the customizations.

itani3679d ago

Yes, happened to me also but couldn't event get into the match and very laggy. You would think Sony would be prepared for once and know there will be a lot of traffic.

Skip_Bayless3679d ago

Everybody stop pressing start so I can have the bandwidth to play.

DarkTower8053679d ago

@ Itani, you realize this is exactly what a beta is for right?

Tank_Commander_E63679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

So the strangest thing just happened to me I was at the start menu for UC3 and then all of a sudden I was logged out of PSN and when I logged back in my friends list was empty. I'm starting to get a few people back now but it's taking for ever to load my friends list.

Did PSN just crash??

I was able to play one match check it out

Tank_Commander_E63679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

ND works damn fast because they resolved all the issues that I was experiencing. :D the MP is beast!!!

Tank_Commander_E63678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

here you go incase anyone has any doubts about ND skills. game smooth as butter.

Kleptic3678d ago

I haven't been able to even get into the main menu of the game...every time I start the beta I get prompted for the update (1.01 I believe)...the system puts up the please wait screen...normally this is where the game quits and a downloading the update screen pops up...but for this the PS3 just resets and loads back to the xmb...tried about a dozen times...

I'll try redownloading the beta later this 1.7GB was one of the fastest i've noticed over the PSN, which was surprising considering pretty much any user can get this beta because of the free PS plus stuff...

BoneIdle3678d ago

Its almost like this is a beta test !!!!

Demo's should work beta's are to test for error's obviously this is error number 1

NiKK_4193678d ago

same here, i can't even get past the update screen before it restarts, but i'll try again later. hopefully it'll be fixed by then

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just_looken3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

i have had the beta sense 2am ( hongkong account :) ) the beta has all the core uc2 mp issues even p2p like no counter for coop ninjas or your bullets not registering gernades hurting people. just a core downgrade with new bling

@below hong kong ps store has had the beta sense 1am pst ive played the beta its uc2 core issues with same gameplay and new features (bling) expect little omg moments

MaxXAttaxX3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

Nothing of what you said made sense to me....something about coop ninjas and grenades hurting people.
Mayby you're lagging? Maybe it's the issue mentioned in the article. But whatever it is, I highly doubt it's a downgrade.

I guess some people see "issues" everywhere most people don't.
Personally, I didn't have any issues with UC2's multiplayer. And even though they made some changes to it, UC3's seems to be more balanced.

Dee_913679d ago

im srry .. i just cant take your 1 bubble serious

InFAMOUS13678d ago

@ Nathan Explosion

Co-op ninja counter- When playing co-op there are ninja enemies that grab you and hold you from behind.. It says to tap triangle but it NEVER does anything, you then have to wait for a teammate to remove the enemy for you.. Grenades hurting people- Like he said... HURT.. Grenades are not always killing people but rather wounding them...

I manged to get to level 9 before the PSN started having issues with staying signed in, and I was getting kicked from games for killing too many teammates (even though I never killed one) Overall, like looken said, it still has ALL of the issues that were very much a part of UC2. The game is still fun as hell and will get a work out in my system come November but for those of you hoping this would be something much different then UC2, chances are you will be let down!

Jaces3679d ago

Finally got to play my second match after much frustration. I was actually kicking some ass with a shot to the head while hanging, stole his rifle, headshot the next victim, jumped on the Gatling gun and finished off 3 more guys, only to have everything freeze on me.

*sigh* It wouldn't have made me upset if I was getting destroyed but noooo, naturally it had to choose the opportune moment to freeze.

Aside from that it's pretty fun but it doesn't feel as quick as UC2s multiplayer and a lot of the time I try to take cover my guy ends up rolling all over the place even when I'm right next to the wall. Guess I'll go report my findings since I won't be getting on till later tonight cause right now nothing is working for me.

damnyouretall3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

i got on late lastnight and it played fine. i didnt think it was going to be anything special and i was right. cant wait for the single player, but im worried cause it has so much to live up to after uc2. but ND is a new favorite developer of mine now

Jaces3678d ago

It's just a good thing the multiplayer won't reflect the campaign.

I'm still leaning towards UC2 online but this is still fun, special or not.

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2fk3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

i played 3 rounds and it was amazing hope they fix it soon =)

itani3679d ago

Wow you're very lucky to play. I can't even get connected anymore let alone play :(.

2fk3679d ago

sorry u couldn't try it out i wont brag anymore sorry =/

Ravens203679d ago

nope too late for sorries bro, damage is done, u hurt my feelings.

2fk3679d ago

at least it'll be worth the wait for it to come back up =)

garos823678d ago

i played 3 games last night that were choppy as hell, woke up this morning to find a patch that resolved those issues. im loving the free for all and the 2 vs 2 vs 2. its looking great so far in my books and the new things theyve brought to the multiplayer are astounding, certainly worth it

Danielmccue3678d ago

Well i'm level 13. so its playable for me i have had to restart about 4 times so far.

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Ser3679d ago

Man, can you imagine the stress that's being put on their servers? It must be pretty massive since everyone and their grandma has PS+ now.

-Alpha3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

They knew this would happen. Wish they'd better prepare for it but what can you do. I'm just really amped to play and test, I really want to leave feedback.

At least this seems to be much more popular than UC2 which I found criminally overlooked. Hope people like it

MidnytRain3679d ago

Don't ask me why, but I just had the sudden urge to kick you around in a match of of UC2.

-Alpha3679d ago

Do I have you on my PSN?

I'll own you 'bruh lol

LiViNgLeGaCY3679d ago

Yeah even though I didn't play much of it, I can agree that it was definitely overlooked. Even by me. But it was super fun playing last night! Lol.

bloodybutcher3679d ago

hmm,do people still play u2 online?i haven´t done that in ages,i guess i was one of those overlooking it...maybe i should try again?...

-Alpha3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

People still play UC2 online, yes.

BTW, got a 7+ Killstreak in TDM and won-- only 4 deaths on my first game, Come at me! :P

bloodybutcher3679d ago

i don´t even want to check my kd ratio since i´m terrible at games :P maybe i would have a chance if all others had their hands tied...and been blindfolded :P i think in u2 mp i am at level 4 or 5 xD

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SLEDGE3679d ago

Yeah Im now getting "Error initializing session manager" when pressing start, at the start menu :(
Got in once and "Agreed" to the TOS, but right after wards(As I see sully run into the the view), I got kicked back out, claiming I'm signed out of PSN :(

dragonyght3679d ago

keep press start you will get in

2fk3679d ago

don't get everybody's hopes up it's down and naughty dog confirmed it

Ace_Man_63679d ago

too much traffic people, should of seen it coming :)

despair3679d ago

there's only so much you can do, remember what happened to bungie servers with the reach beta overload and they're masters at online gaming, ND is only on their second MP game and its expected to have some problems when 10 million people want to play at the same time