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Monolith teams up with Warner Bros Interactive and will have a new digital download early next year for PC, XBLA and PSN where you can join a team of impersonating Jokers or Batman 'wannabees' and battle six on six in an ultimate deathmatch. What sounded cool from our first hand look was the weapons are all makeshift items trying to work like an authentic Batman weapon but all purchased on the black market or made by hand. It's chaos in Gotham City, check it out!

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SpaceSquirrel3445d ago

Gotham City Imposters is looking great so far.

RonaldRaygun3445d ago

Yeah, I'm loving how it looks so far. It looks so unique. I can't think of any game, especially an FPS, that has roller skates, gliders, grappling hooks, and trampolines in it.

acemonkey3445d ago

better then last video i watch...good to see melee in the video....ill be on psn and i will be batman idc what he saids i am batman